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Arsenal Trophy Cabinet

Arsenal Trophy Cabinet

Arsenal Trophies

Would you like to know more about Arsenal’s achievements as a football club? To get a look into the Arsenal trophy cabinet? Here, we will take a close look at all the trophies the Gunners have won ever.

The Arsenal trophy cabinet consists of 48 honours.

Arsenal are one of the most successful clubs in England with a massive trophy count. They were founded in October 1886 and currently participates in England’s topmost division i.e., the Premier League.

The club was established by Woolwich munitions workers and were called Dial Square at first. Later they renamed themselves to Woolwich Arsenal and moved to the Highbury, soon after getting relegated. There they became close neighbours of Tottenham Hotspur and thus began the rivalry between the two sides.

They were the first club hailing from the South of England to join The Football League in 1893. The team which was managed by Harry Bradshaw in 1904 reached the First Division after escaping several issues of bankruptcy.

The Gunners have faced relegation only once in their entire history in the year 1913. Now, they hold the record for the second-most top-flight matches won in English football history.Arsenal Trophies

Everything About The Arsenal Trophy Cabinet

The 1930s were one of the most successful decades in the North London outfit’s history when they won seven League Championships and three FA Cups, a FA Cup and two Championships after the war.

In 1970–71, Arsenal won their first domestic Double. From 1989 to 2005, they won five League titles and five FA Cups, including two more Doubles. Their average league position was higher than any other English club in the 20th century.

Herbert Chapman led the club to their first national trophy and also helped introduce the WM formation, shirt numbers and floodlights in their own home ground.

He also implemented the white sleeves and brighter red on Arsenal’s home kit. After Chapman came George Allison and Tom Whittaker, both of whom won plenty of trophies for the club.

What Is In The Arsenal Trophy Cabinet

Then came the period of the 70s and 80s during which the club blossomed into a global presence racking up trophies under Bertie Mee and George Graham.

Arsène Wenger became the club’s longest-serving manager and also their most successful. The Frenchman won a record of seven FA Cups and three other league titles. His Premier League-winning squad of 2003/04 set an English record for the longest top-flight unbeaten league run at 49 games, earning themselves the nickname of The Invincibles.

All Trophies Won By Arsenal

Note: All the information down below have been taken from the Arsenal official website.


1930/31, 1932/33, 1933/34, 1934/35, 1937/38, 1947/48, 1952/53, 1970/71, 1988/89, 1990/91, 1997/98, 2001/02, 2003/04


2020  Beat Chelsea 2-1
Beat Chelsea 2-1
2015  Beat Aston Villa 4-0
2014  Beat Hull City 3-2 (aet)
2005  Beat Manchester United 5-4 on pens (aet: after 0-0 draw)
2003  Beat Southampton 1-0
2002  Beat Chelsea 2-0
1998  Beat Newcastle United 2-0
1993  Beat Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 (aet: replay after 1-1 draw)
1979  Beat Manchester United 3-2
1971  Beat Liverpool 2-1 (aet)
1950  Beat Liverpool 2-0
1936  Beat Sheffield United 1-0
1930  Beat Huddersfield Town 2-0

Note: aet stands for ‘At Extra Time’

Arsenal currently hold the record for most FA Cup wins.


1993  Beat Sheffield Wednesday 2-1
1987  Beat Liverpool 2-1


1970  Beat Anderlecht 4-3 on aggregate


1994  Beat Parma 1-0 (in Copenhagen)


2020  Beat Liverpool 2-1
Beat Chelsea 4-1 on pens (aet: after 1-1)
2015  Beat Chelsea 1-0
2014  Beat Manchester City 3-0
2004  Beat Manchester United 3-1
2002  Beat Liverpool 1-0
1999  Beat Manchester United 2-1
1998  Beat Manchester United 3-0
1991  Drew with Tottenham Hotspur 0-0 (shared)
1953  Beat Blackpool 3-1
1948  Beat Manchester United 4-3
1938  Beat Preston North End 2-1
1934  Beat Manchester City 4-0
1933  Beat Everton 3-0
1931  Beat West Bromwich Albion 1-0
1930  Beat Sheffield Wednesday 2-1

Arsenal’s Impact On Football

Arsenal are predicted to be the ninth highest-earning football club in the world with their last profits recorded to be at €487.6m in the 2016–17 campaign.

Based on social media activity from 2014 to 2015, Arsenal’s fanbase is the fifth largest in the world. They were estimated to be the third most valuable football club in England at $2.24b.

Arsenal’s Most Recent Achievements

Arsenal trophies? Arsenal’s most recent trophies? Arsenal have not had much success in the past decade under the management of Arsene Wenger other than winning the three FA Cups. For a club of Arsenal’s size, they should be winning way more trophies.

Now, with Unai Emery taking over from the ‘Professor’, things are expected to change for the better. Arsenal are on route to make their way back into the UEFA Champions League which would give the new manager the financial leverage to sign more quality players.

However, we are here to celebrate and remember some of the club’s victories in the recent past.

FA Cup 2019/20

Arsenal Trophies FA Cup 2020

FA Cup 2016/17

Arsenal FA Cup 2016-17

Out of all the Arsenal trophies, this one came as a massive sigh of relief amongst Arsenal fans when they were torn over their very own manager. Wenger’s final period with the Gunners was not the most successful but the former AS Monaco man did deliver silverware when they needed it the most.

FA Cup 2014/15

Arsenal FA Cup 2014-15

The 2014/15 campaign was Arsenal’s 95th consecutive one in the top tier of English football. An inconsistent first half of the season ended their hopes of realistically challenging for the league title. They also suffered an embarrassing loss to AS Monaco to get knocked out of the UEFA Champions League in the Round of 16.

But Wenger did manage to pull a rabbit out of the bag in the end with this trophy.

FA Cup 2013/14

Arsenal broke a 9-year period of not winning any trophies with this FA Cup win. They overcame Hull City in the finals 3 goals to 2.Arsenal FA Cup Trophy Cabinet


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