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Quarter 4 Round Up: New Year Stock Grabs

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Craziest year by far, pandemic concerns and outcries for justice have ruled 2020. Investing has become volatile as ever, where do you fit in? Bogging down those average prices? Short-selling and options have become a phenomenon. Can you still make solid returns per common stock? Of course! Let’s take a glance at some under-the-radar picks from the portfolio or watchlist. Once again, this is not a stance of full understanding, the market is still the subject.

Advanced Emissions Solution (ADES): (ADES) fornicates amongst the industrial Power Emissions field. Preserving emissions in the coal-refined area, as well as the electric utility sector. Refining coal, preserving the harmful side-affects, what a catch! Huge increase for (ADES) with the operating cash, and their Debt to Asset ratio. They saw an increase of 729% to their working cash flow, a gain of roughly $70 Million. Spoke previously about the pandemic, that is great business, a great sign for me. On the latter, another key element is the price target, which is $22/share. You’ll see why that is important.https://c0.pubmine.com/sf/0.0.3/html/safeframe.htmlREPORT THIS AD

Stock Price: $5.65/share, Market Capitalization: $102.94M, (Average price on this: $22/share)

Affirm Holdings, Inc (AFRM): Affirm is a mobile and digital ecommerce platform. AFRM helps customers pay for things over time. All technology based, it brings it to you without the banks. Replicable to a loan, this is the future of banks and movement throughout the pandemic. Generally, we are taught to stay away from most IPO’s unless you’re quick selling, but I see this being a huge hold. Many awesome things inside this, like payment options, merchant connectivity, opening savings accounts, and can move inside your personalized marketplace. Affirm will stick out through this, but it will need to be re-evaluated later, with financials and balance sheet hinting of new, new, new. Stay with it!

Stock Price: Target for open is $24/share, raising $1.1B

General Mills (GIS): We all know what we have with General Mills. Stock has been immaculate over time, making great acquisitions and cereal over time. Who has ate a box that you’ve seen the, “GS?” Most people. Owning most cereal brands, chocolate, and Pillsbury, GIS stays making solid income, profit margin, and dividends. Forking out a $2 dividend, obviously that sets aside some of that risk. With General Mills I see more solid partners, (hopefully not too many unlucky ones) and top end management. If you haven’t already, check out this powerhouse. Their at-home dining numbers and numbers throughout 2020 have shown promise.https://c0.pubmine.com/sf/0.0.3/html/safeframe.htmlREPORT THIS AD

Stock Price: $59.56/share, Market Capitalization: 36.39B, Dividend: $2.040/share

Where have you found success? Staying after the companies you’ve selected can be just as effective as investing in new ones. Re-evaluate and scale, emotions not centered to green and red. Market capabilities come from persistent, ethical approaches and research. There is no something for nothing here, either! Happy Thursday, go make some serious cash.



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