WTF is going on with our power grids??

Disturbance in the power grid: Europe misses the blackout

January 9, 202101377


Underfrequency detected

Fixed serious fault in the power grid

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Normal operation for all of Europe was restored within an hour. (SYMBOL IMAGE)

Published: January 9th 2021 9:06 am


According to the Austrian Power Grid (APG), there was a fault in the synchronized European high-voltage power grid, which on Friday afternoon led to an underfrequency in Europe with a short-term frequency deviation of around 260 mHz. Experts say that Europe just barely missed a blackout.

The detailed analysis is still in progress, the starting point at 2:05 p.m. was outside Austria. Thanks to the protection mechanisms established across Europe and the immediate and coordinated cooperation of the transmission system operators, normal operation for the whole of Europe was restored within an hour. APG controls the national electricity transmission network in Austria.

Power grid disruption ends without a hitch

According to Herbert Saurugg, President of the Austrian Society for Crisis Preparedness, the incident turned out to be light again thanks to the “excellent work” of the European transmission system operators. A disruption in the Romanian power grid resulted in a massive underfunding and a drop in frequency. A further escalation could only be prevented by the immediate shutdown of large consumers in the European power grid.

This was the second worst event after the largest major incident to date on November 4, 2006, when ten million households in Western Europe had to be disconnected from the power grid. Up to a real blackout, i.e. a complete breakdown of the power supply, there are further security levels. Nevertheless, this event showed once again that major disruptions up to a possible blackout cannot be ruled out.

(Those: APA)

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Disturbance power grid Europe misses blackout


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