Harry been uneasy in America lately,now he’s wondering if he’s done the right thing?

Prince Harry Claims That Meghan Markle Might Not Be “The One”

By Nam -9 July 202020892

It is undeniable that Meghan Markle didn’t quite realise what she was signing up for when she married into the royal family. Many people are of the belief that, from a young age, she had dreamed of marrying a “popular British guy.”

Royal heartbreak! Harry and Meghan receive sad news | New Idea ...

She is now beginning to realise that being part of the royal family isn’t all about fame and living a lavish lifestyle. Meghan claimed in an interview that “it isn’t easy”, causing the public to question whether or not Meghan is the right fit to be Harry’s wife.

Too Many Differences

Meghan describes the initial stage of their relationship during the same interview. She told Lizzie Cundy, her best friend that Harry was “a catch!” Yet she has no idea about having a relationship with royal blood.

She had little knowledge of what dating a royal would actually entail. At first glance they seem to be a happy couple, but what we see on camera isn’t always true to reality. Harry’s disappointment is beginning to show.

Disrespecting Royal Protocol

Recently, what happened at the Trooping of the Colour event gave an obvious hint that Harry and Meghan had made a big mistake. All of the members of the royal family were expected to face forward and sing the national anthem.

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Yet, without considering it, Meghan turned towards Harry in order to speak with him. His reaction was to demand her to turn back around. “She eventually turned around and looked like she was going to start crying,” an insider said.

What Will They Do With Archie?

The main reason why Meghan Markle regrets marrying Prince Harry might be how the royal family treats their baby boy, Archie. The public were very shocked when Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip did not participate in Archie’s christening.

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However, the knowledge that the Queen did not attend the christening of Prince Louis either might have put Meghan’s mind slightly at ease. Meghan and Harry might also struggle to raise Archie and any future children they might have with shared values.

So Many Sacrifices

It seems that Meghan Markle has had to make a lot of sacrifices in order to fit in with the royal family. The list is so long that maybe it wasn’t marrying Prince Harry after all. She has had to give up even the most simple things in her life to become a perfect suitor for Harry.

All things considered, including her former career as an actress, Meghan gives the impression that she is an outgoing person. Marrying Harry prevents her posting photos on social media as she wishes. She is not allowed to cross her legs when she sits and she can’t get a colourful manicure.

Dealing With His Exes

Even though Meghan married into the most private and secure family in the world, she still couldn’t prevent her husband from interacting with his exes. One such incident has been reported during the Trooping the Colour fiasco.

Chelsy Davy, Harry’s ex, was caught by paparazzi checking up on Harry in London as he was going through a hard time in his life. They have remained friends since splitting up. Royal correspondent Phil Dampier believes that Harry was dying to marry Chelsy before she got “cold feet”.

He Had One Last Phone Call With Her

It has been reported that Harry had a very emotional phone call with his ex Chelsy before he married Meghan. “It was their final call, a parting call in which they both acknowledged Harry was moving on,” a source told royal author Katie Nicholl.

“Chelsy was quite emotional about it all, she was in tears and almost didn’t go to the wedding. In the end, she went and promised Harry she wouldn’t try and gatecrash the party.”

Marrying The Royal Family

People say that when you marry someone, you marry their entire family too. Meghan Markle is learning this the hard way. She has tried her best to win the hearts of the royal family members, which has, at times, been the cause of conflict.

It was reported that Meghan almost made Kate Middleton cry when she forced her to find “the very best”  bridesmaid attire to wear for her wedding. Prince William also alerted his brother not to be too hasty, when it comes to relationships and asked him whether he was “sure” about Meghan.

Shattered Dreams

Meghan Markle had to abandon some of her hopes and dreams in her decision to marry into the royal family. She was not the first person to make big sacrifices for the sake of her royal marriage.

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