Israel has new camouflage system to fight Hezbollah /Hamas

Israel equips military with new camouflage system to fight Hezbollah and Hamas: video

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:00 A.M.) – The Israeli army has developed a modern camouflage system to defeat the advanced night vision devices of Hezbollah and Hamas, Ynet News reported.

The Hebrew-language newspaper said that the Combat Administration of the Israeli Defense Ministry (MABAT) has developed an advanced camouflage system, which is expected to be used soon by infantry brigades in their maneuvers.

They explained that the discussion is about an upgraded and modern version of the system that was previously used in commando units in the Israeli army

So far, Israeli fighters have only used outdated camouflage solutions that were used during World War II, such as nets, face paint, shrubs and branches.

The newspaper said: “During the past years, the advantage of fighting the Israeli army at night on the ground has been eroded, after advanced night vision devices have reached Hamas and Hezbollah, which include not only thermal binoculars for viewing in the dark, but also field scanning radars.”

The new camouflage system, developed by the Mabat company, in cooperation with the Israeli company, Lawless Solutions, depends on a compact fabric that has been specially formulated and has a relatively small weight of about 350 grams for the single piece carried by the combatant.

According to the newspaper, the new camouflage system can be used to cover and conceal full force if necessary.

These camouflage devices were designed so that fighters would wrap around and advance on foot without being spotted by the enemy, and not just using them in ambushes and stealth, and large military vehicles such as the Hummer Jeep can be hidden using the same system.

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