Flight A7-301 from Madrid Barajas,SP (Spain) to Santa Cruz (Bolivia) with about 170 passengers, did not land in Santa Cruz in Bolivia, but in Santa Cruz,CI (Spain), also known as Tenerife Norte or Tenerife Los Rodeos Airport??

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By Simon Hradecky, created Sunday, Nov 8th 2009 16:24Z, last updated Sunday, Nov 8th 2009 16:36ZAn Iberworld Airbus A330-300 on behalf of Air Comet, registration EC-IJH performing flight A7-301 from Madrid Barajas,SP (Spain) to Santa Cruz (Bolivia) with about 170 passengers, did not land in Santa Cruz in Bolivia, but in Santa Cruz,CI (Spain), also known as Tenerife Norte or Tenerife Los Rodeos Airport.

The airplane departed Tenerife again after about 17 hours on the ground.

Passengers reported, that the crew did not provide any explanation for the diversion leading them to suspect, that the crew had confused Santa Cruz in Bolivia with Santa Cruz on the Canary Islands.

A few days later Brazil refused overflight permission to another Air Comet flight, see Incident: Air Comet A332 over Atlantic on Nov 6th 2009, bureaucratic problems. The flight route from Spain to Bolivia requires to fly through Brazilian Air Space unless a very long detour is being accepted.

Map (Courtesy Google Earth):
Map (Courtesy Google Earth)

Reader Comments: (the comments posted below do not reflect the view of The Aviation Herald but represent the view of the various posters)Classic Propaganda
By Dr. Emil LeClerc on Saturday, Jan 25th 2020 15:29Z

The large hadron collider (LHC) disrupted flight data and ads-b tracking along a wide path on that day. The pilots were therefore flying with kn navaids, without a compass and without GPS, so had to rely on a radio beacon. Due to fuel constraints they followed a radio beacon for Santa Cruz, but they were so far off course they had no idea until they landed. Simultaneously, there were radar and satellite failures and major power outages along the same vectors in South America. CERN and the LHC shut down the next day, blaming birds. The major time rift was unfortuantely aimed toward the core of the earth, which has disrupted geological fault lines, resulting in seismic activity (earthquakes) and volcanic galvanisation (volcanos) on a global scale.

By (anonymous) on Tuesday, May 17th 2016 22:51Z

CERN was responsible for the blackout and the time warp which warped the aircraft to a different destination… It was and still is believed to have bin a error on behalf of the pilot… CERN LHC was taken off line the day after… Ancient sites like Bolivias Sun Gate activated many other ancient pyramid sites in Brazil… It activated these ancient sites as what they were built for…

mental health
By Mariano Dupleich on Monday, Sep 21st 2015 19:19Z

I would line to know, after almost 6 years, how is the mental health of the passengers

By pablo on Monday, Dec 7th 2009 03:04Z

go to isla del sol (north side), in google earth…
there you;ll se titikaka lake beaches.
go to tiwanaku, and you’ll onof the most amazing archeological site… astronomically, humbly and scienifically speaking
it’s age still in debate
please tell me how to contact the fligt crew here in Bolivia, i will keep yo updated
oficial arqheologers are contacted

rememer the south amrica’s blackouts during the same dates???

By Searcher on Thursday, Nov 19th 2009 07:18Z

Just a human error…

By stopNWO on Sunday, Nov 15th 2009 23:53Z


By Fabian Starr on Saturday, Nov 14th 2009 16:51Z

Thank goodness they had 17 hours to rest and relax that makes this more interesting!

Santa Cruz airport
By Shamshabad on Friday, Nov 13th 2009 23:39Z

the local airport in Bombay (Mumbai) India is also called “Santa Cruz”, they could just as well have landed up there, so what’s the fuss?

Here’s an expanation
By Possibility on Friday, Nov 13th 2009 18:02Z

Most unfortunately, however, was when the initial Time Wave spawned by the LHC erupted from the Sun Gate and headed out towards the space above South America it (literally) glanced into the path of an Iberworld Airbus A330-300 flown by Air Comet which was ready to begin its descent into Santa Cruz, Bolivia but then found itself instantly and mysteriously over the skies of Santa Cruz, Spain over 5,500 miles (8,900 km) away. [Note: All 170 passengers and the crew of flight A7-301were safe and after 17 hours on the ground in Spain departed back to Bolivia where they arrived safe and sound.]

makes sense
By Lars on Tuesday, Nov 10th 2009 09:01Z


Now it makes some sense to me what happen, but it must be some errors in communication

no way!
By Estebannic on Monday, Nov 9th 2009 23:13Z

I can’t believe some of the cr*p published in the press.
The facts are that A Comet wet leased a A330 from Iberworld. For that particular day, the only aircraft Iberworld could offer was a A330 with limited range. A fuel stop in the Canaries was needed in order to operate to Bolivia. A Comet should have informed their pax of this (as they already knew) at check in or at the gate. After a normal refuelling stop at Tenerife South (not TFN as stated, a simple call to the airport would have confirmed this..)and while taxying to the runway the crew got a warning message and returned to stand. A hydraulic leak was found and unfortunately was not repaired in time before the crew exceded their legal duty time (to continue on to Bolivia, as they had started their duty more than 6 hours before in Madrid)so they had to go to the hotel to rest. A Comet put the pax up in hotels and programmed to flight for the next morning(so the punters could sleep properly).Why can’t the press check their sources first?

By GRIFFON on Monday, Nov 9th 2009 18:31Z


By Lars on Monday, Nov 9th 2009 18:07Z

Hi Simon,

You have any comments on what “DUKE” claims??

By Lars on Monday, Nov 9th 2009 17:58Z

Then the following statement are not correct??

“Passengers reported, that the crew did not provide any explanation for the diversion”

if not i don´t understand why the passengers did not get that information

“all hydraulic fluid was lost”

Should there not be any form of incident report on that??

Hmm,, is till feel a fishy smell

flight divert
By DUKE on Monday, Nov 9th 2009 17:22Z

I am airline pilot and I can say that, in this case, there were no confusion at all.
Technical landing was scheduled at Tenerife Sur (not Tenerife Norte nor Santa Cruz de Tenerife).
Before take off an hydraulic line suffered a leak and all hydraulic fluid was lost.
All passengers slept in a hotel near the airport while the engineers were working to solve the trouble.
The crew, to acomplish legal regulations in order to continue the flight, slept in the hotel for 10 hours.
Please, stop tales.

By Vlasta on Monday, Nov 9th 2009 15:11Z

Much better beaches on Canary Islands, I guess 🙂

By Georg on Monday, Nov 9th 2009 12:23Z

Great circle mapper for example lists TFN as Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife Island, Canary Islands, Spain City

Ground Time
By Speedbird on Monday, Nov 9th 2009 12:08Z

Another question: why 17 hours on the ground? Was the crew over-time after a flight from MAD? I doubt very much the confusion over the name Santa Cruz. As mentioned by others, what about fuel? What about catering? Surely the crew know the difference between Canary Islands and Bolivia. This is a very strange event that needs many more explications by the pertinent authorities.

By (anonymous) on Monday, Nov 9th 2009 09:16Z

A comet is generally a ball of ice several kilometers across and if one were to collide with our atmosphere most life on the planet would be extinguished. I believe the previous lady may be confusing a comet with a meteor. Possibly the joke could have been constructed more humorously with an allusion to the square windowed DH 106 rather than to the celestial body.

By Pedro on Monday, Nov 9th 2009 08:27Z

That’s quite weird! overall because Santa Cruz de Tenerife doesn’t have airport…the closest airport to the capital of Tenerife is located in San Cristóbal de la Laguna and it’s called Los Rodeos or aeropuerto del Norte. The destinations always shown in airport’s screens only could be Tenerife North or Tenerife South…NEVER SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE…so there is no possible confusion.
So I think they don’t want us to know the real reason for landing almost ten hours before the scheduled time….

the irony
By sheikhness on Monday, Nov 9th 2009 07:38Z

…am I the only one who sees the incredible irony in “Air Comet” name? Are they not aware that the comet is a fiery object bound by gravity to strike the earth or burn in the atmosphere?

destination confusion vs. government trouble
By Georg on Monday, Nov 9th 2009 04:44Z

Why would the subchartered pilots of Iberworld not tell the Air Comet pax that the aren’t allowed to continue the flight due to unpaid bills of Air Comet? It’s not their fault in this case.
Could it be possible that the Airbus is overweight when reaching TFN but having fuel till Bolivia?

By The Bee on Monday, Nov 9th 2009 02:23Z

I hardly think there can be a mistake planning for the wrong destination. The airport codes are completely different and the fuel planning would have raised an eyebrow or two with the pilots. Definitely agree on Brazil authorities giving the squeeze!

confusion over destination??
By frequent flyer on Sunday, Nov 8th 2009 21:04Z

Confusion over Santa Cruz (Bolivia) and Santa Cruz (Canary Islands) is hard to believe, but if true then some staff and/or pilots need to be fired! The two destinations aren’t exactly close to each other with respect to flight time, fuel load, catering etc etc. I suspect this is another instance of Brazil refusing the overflight. What a shambles; I get the feeling this airline is in big trouble.

By Peter on Sunday, Nov 8th 2009 19:46Z

If this really happened due to confusion of two different destinations, then it took place before the flight in the airline’s dispatch-office. There they had to plan a flight of either 2 hours or 10,5 hours which makes quite a difference for the necessary fuel load.

By Javier Diez on Sunday, Nov 8th 2009 18:59Z

The owner of Air Comet is pressing the Spanish Govertment to get an inmediate loan to continue operations.

The situation is really complicated and in the next days we could have very bad news about this operator.

By Lars on Sunday, Nov 8th 2009 18:53Z

“spanish government will finally react requesting at least explanations”

NONO,no what they should do is either revoke the license, or put in sufficient funds to continue playing

By mike on Sunday, Nov 8th 2009 18:21Z

No need to guess on that one..

Brazilians want money from that airline and are playing games restricting airspace…
Hope the spanish government will finally react requesting at least explanations about this coward behaviour..People flying to Bolivia and Argentina don t need to suffer the consequences of this nonsense

By Lars on Sunday, Nov 8th 2009 18:01Z

“The airplane departed Tenerife again after about 17 hours on the ground.”

Anyone know to what destination after the 17 hours?

By Marcelo on Sunday, Nov 8th 2009 16:58Z

This may be just a matter of coincidences of the name of the diversion airport and the destination. It should be related to the issues with the Brazilian authorities. Can’t be pilots confused.

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