Doc dies just 5 days after “jab”



Tributes flow for the late Dr Sharma

The late Dr Keshav Sharma
The late Dr Keshav Sharma

Pádraig Byrne

January 30 2021 12:00 AM

Touching tributes were paid to a kind and caring doctor, a hard working colleague and a funny and generous friend at Wexford General Hospital as friends of Dr Keshav Sharma gathered at the hospital chapel to bid a fond and final farewell last week.

Dr Sharma’s sudden passing sent shockwaves right across the country, among colleagues and friends gathered over many years in Ireland. A respiratory physician at Wexford General Hospital, Dr Sharma treated patients from right across the county and was extremely busy at the time of his untimely passing, working on the frontline in the battle against Covid-19.

In the small hospital chapel, images of Dr Sharma’s trademark smile stood atop his coffin as colleagues read out tributes that had been paid over the course of a sad week for all in the medical community. There were photos with his beloved family back home in Trinidad and Tobago, pictures with friends and colleagues, a stethoscope to symbolise his dedication to his profession, a phone in recognition of his love of the latest gadgets and headphones for his love of music.

Dr Sharma also had a great love of sport, particularly basketball, squash and soccer and he was a self-taught guitarist. However, his work was his passion and he took great pleasure in helping people from all backgrounds. He also took a great interest in research in the medical field and was extremely generous with his time to both patients and colleagues in need of advice.

With his heartbroken family, particularly his mother Kalawaty and brother Shiv, watching on back home, many beautiful tributes were paid to Keshav from friends and colleagues, leaving them in no doubt the esteem in which he was held in Wexford and Ireland.

A tribute from heartbroken brother Shiv was read aloud in which he recalled them being ‘inseparable’ in childhood.

Staff of Wexford General Hospital perform a guard of honour as Dr Sharma’s remains are removed
Staff of Wexford General Hospital perform a guard of honour as Dr Sharma’s remains are removed

‘He loved his friends like family,’ Shiv’s tribute said. ‘He was a kind and thoughtful boy and was always messaging me to find out if I was alright. I shall miss him so much because I’ll never be able to speak to him again.’

Dr Sharma’s family thanked everyone in Wexford and Ireland for their messages of condolence and for the love they had shown Keshav over the course of his all too short life. Perhaps the most striking image of how well-liked the Trinidad native was, lay in the fact that the staff of Wexford General Hospital lined up, socially distanced in the wind and rain to form a guard of honour to see him off on his final journey.

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