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France’s Yellow Vests: Proving Police Are Indeed Part of the 1%

Westerners should, but do not make a clear distinction between the police and the army. Soldiers deserve infinitely more respect than cops, who in capitalist-imperialist societies are drawn from the most reactionary parts of the population. Cops in the West are not at all like the Revolutionary Guards in Cuba or Iran – Western cops violently guard against any progressive revolution, and their citizens all know that but can do nothing about it.

Nor can they stop the appalling deification of police in Western societies since 9/11. Despite all the bullets in the backs of minorities, all the secret torture sites and all the smartphone videos of shootings, cops are culturally, legally and fiscally untouchable because they ARE part of the 1%. The Western Mainstream Media defies cops, and Western mainstream politicians protect their salaries and pensions while cutting those of other public servants, because they are all in it together against the 99%.

More blunt language, which is rarely heard in the Mainstream Media: Every Saturday the numbers of people hurt and arrested simply for protesting governmental policies rises by the scores or the hundreds.

Numbers: 8,000+ arrested, 500 major injuries, 2,000+ imprisoned (as of Feb. 14), 1,500+ awaiting trials (Feb. 14), 12 deaths, 20+ blindings, 6 hands lost, 10,000+ rubber bullets fired. If Venezuela reaches 1% of these figures the UN will authorise military intervention.

via Mint Press France’s Yellow Vests: Proving Police Are Indeed Part of the 1%

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Capitol Rioters Planned for Weeks. Police Didn’t.

For reasons that remained unclear Wednesday night, the law enforcement authorities charged with protecting the nation’s entire legislative branch — nearly all of the 535 members of Congress gathered in a joint session, along with Vice President Mike Pence — were ill-prepared to contain the forces massed against them.On Wednesday…

In “General News”

What do the protesters in France want? Check out the ‘official’ Yellow Vest manifesto — Society’s Child — Sott.net

What do the protesters in France want? Check out the ‘official’ Yellow Vest manifesto — Society’s Child — Sott.net constitutional cap on taxes – at 25% Increase of 40% in the basic pension and social welfare Increase hiring in public sector to re-establish public services Massive construction projects to house…

In “General News”

NRA And Tea Party Supporters Kill 2 Police In Las Vegas Killing Spree; Claim That The Revolution Has Started

In “NRA And Tea Party Supporters Kill 2 Police In Las Vegas Killing Spree; Claim That The Revolution Has Started”General News

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    Non can stop the appalling de-ification of police in Western societies since 9/11. Despite all the bullets in the backs of minorities, all the secret torture sites and all the smartphone videos of shootings, cops are culturally, legally and fiscally untouchable because they ARE part of the 1%.Like

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