Coronavirus cases down in Capital

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London coronavirus cases by borough revealed as infections down by third in 27 areas

In Greenwich, Hackney and Tower Hamlets, the number of positive tests has almost halved in seven days

By Joe Murphy@JoeMurphyLondon18 hours agoC

ovid appears to be in freefall in London now, with 27 out of 32 boroughs seeing daily cases tumble by a third or more in a week.

In GreenwichHackney and Tower Hamlets, the number of positive tests has almost halved in seven days.

The rate per 100,000 population, which peaked at 1,118 at the start of lockdown, has now been squeezed to 332 in the most recent data from Public Health England.

However, health experts warned that the deadly wave is far from over yet, with 2,765 new positive tests reported on Tuesday.

It was the lowest number for eight weeks, but doctors are on the alert for another mutation of the virus that could cause cases to rise again.


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In latest developments:

– Hospital admissions continue to fall, with 370 taken in on Tuesday, compared with 977 in one day at the start of lockdown

– The number of patients in hospital with Covid was 5,881 on Tuesday, compared with 7,840 on January 14.

– Some 1,090 patients were on ventilators to keep them alive, which is only slightly down from 1,220 on January 24.


According to the figures, Brent has the highest rate per 100,000 at 429, followed by Ealing, Hillingdon, Hounslow and Barking & Dagenham. But numbers have fallen in each of them.

The biggest fall is in Tower Hamlets, where cases are down 48 per cent in a week.

Camden has the lowest rate in London, at 201 per 100,000, followed by Kensington and Chelsea (219) and Richmond (222).

The latest figures by borough are:

Barking and Dagenham: 915 new cases  (-38.0%); rate 429.8

Barnet:  1309 cases (-39.3%) rate 330.7

Bexley:  754 cases (-40.9%); rate 303.7

Brent:  1570 cases (-33.2%); rate 476.1

Bromley:  922 cases (-35.9%); rate  277.4

Camden:  544 cases (-38.4%); rate  201.5

Croydon:  1358 cases (-40.1%); rate 351.2

Ealing:  1607 cases (-36.3%); rate 470.1

Enfield: 1136 cases (-34.9%); rate 340.3

Greenwich:  919 cases (-46.4%); rate 319.2

Hackney + City of London:  757 cases (-46.2%); rate 260.3

Hammersmith and Fulham:  610 cases (-25.6%); rate 329.5

Haringey:  853 cases (-38.8%); rate 317.5

Harrow:  1009 cases (-31.1%); rate 401.7

Havering:  797 cases (-36.7%) rate 307.1

Hillingdon:  1399 cases (-22.9%); rate 455.9

Hounslow:  1218 cases (-39.1%); rate 448.6

Islington:  604 cases (-34.3%); rate 249.1

Kensington and Chelsea:  342 cases (-33.6%); rate 219.0

Kingston upon Thames:   545 cases (-21.7%); rate 307.0

Lambeth:  1054 cases (-35.8%); rate 323.3

Lewisham:  975 cases (-35.7%) rate 318.8

Merton:  697 cases (-34.6%);  rate 337.5

Newham:  1452 cases  (-38.2%); rate 411.2

Redbridge:  1134 cases  (-39.3%); rate 371.5

Richmond upon Thames:  440 cases (-23.7%); rate 222.2

Southwark:   949 cases (-34.7%);  rate 297.7

Sutton:   714 cases (-34.1%); rate 346.0

Tower Hamlets:   848 cases (-47.8%); rate 261.1

Waltham Forest:   950 cases (-40.7%); rate 343.0

Wandsworth:   837 cases  (-35.9%); rate 253.9

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