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‘Martian landscape’: Sahara sand covers Alpine snow as early desert wind from Africa turns Europe orange

6 Feb, 2021 17:41 / Updated 4 hours ago

‘Martian landscape’: Sahara sand covers Alpine snow as early desert wind from Africa turns Europe orange (PHOTOS)

Images posted on social media, such as those taken by François Blouin, show the surreal orange-tinted landscape caused by sirocco. ©  Instagram / f.blouin

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Follow RT onPhotographs from France showed orange skies above layers of snow as the sandy wind from the Sahara, known as sirocco, made its way across Europe weeks earlier than expected.

While pictures of the surreal scenes flooded social media on Saturday, the French are actually quite used to the annual phenomenon: the sandy wind is “not extremely rare,” but it is “exceptional” that it is so early in the year, Le Parisien wrote. Sirocco normally arrives in April, and leads to a rise in temperatures as it passes.

Rare weather | Yellow Saharan dust fills sky over Stuttgart, Germany pic.twitter.com/Un4Ig2HZgP— RT (@RT_com) February 6, 2021

The south and south-east of France are reportedly the most affected so far, but the orange skies are set to spread across the rest of the country on Saturday, too.

Un puissant flux de sud va se mettre en place vendredi et samedi, donnant des températures printanières mais faisant aussi remonter une importante concentration de poussières sahariennes. Conseil, attendez avant de laver votre voiture ! Des pluies sableuses sont probables samedi! pic.twitter.com/DJLU3tVGaS— Lyon Météo (@LyonMeteo69) February 4, 2021

Social media users flocked to Twitter to post pictures of the sky, with some of the most breathtaking shots showing the desert aura above snowy landscapes.View this post on Instagram

A post shared by François Blouin (@f.blouin)

Formidable remontée de #sable du sahara ce matin à #dijon. Selon @skironforecast avec 2800 mgr de poussières par m2, nous avions la même concentration de sable qu’au Chad auj à 10h UTC 🤗🏜 pic.twitter.com/Kz0ygjgiF2— Marie et l’économie (@MorlotMarie) February 6, 2021

#Grenoble#Chamonix#Gruissan#LePuyEnVelay… Le flux de Sud provoque une remontée très importante de #sable en provenance du #Sahara, donnant une teinte très ocre au ciel de nos régions ! N’hésitez pas à nous partager l’état de votre ciel ce matin.📸Webcam @skapingpic.twitter.com/O4F2vAX7Au— Guillaume Séchet (@Meteovilles) February 6, 2021

Videos even showed that some ski slopes had transformed into “martian landscapes” as sand covered the ice and snow.

Dust from Sahara has turned Andorra into a martian landscape! #andorra 🎥 @montpackerspic.twitter.com/kgjwqAg0Iw— Scott Duncan (@ScottDuncanWX) February 6, 2021

😱😱😱📷 @gonzalo_pirineus #andorra#pols#sablesaharienpic.twitter.com/JC3IvY9BV5— Météo Pyrénées (@Meteo_Pyrenees) February 6, 2021

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Tove Fritzell (@toveingrid)ALSO ON RT.COMNew satellite survey reveals Africa’s deserts actually filled with BILLIONS of trees

Photos also showed parts of Switzerland affected by the sand.View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Francesco Colopi (@fra_colops)

Meanwhile, #Geneva is getting yellower by the minute #SaharaSand#Sablepic.twitter.com/eDICDmQ6JM— Robin Roothans (@robin_roothans) February 6, 2021

Meteorologist Paul Marquis told France Bleu that the arrival of sirocco in early February instead of April is “proof” of climate change.

The wind isn’t all bad, however, with the outlet reporting that the sand “nourishes the soil” and is “very good news” for “vegetable gardens.”ALSO ON RT.COM2 people reported missing & at least 5 injured after explosion partially demolishes building in Bordeaux, France (PHOTOS)

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