France and Germany not United over Nord stream gas pipeline

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Merkel Rejects Call to Stop Nord Stream 2

Merkel Publicly Humiliates Macron, Rejects His Call to Stop Nord Stream 2

by Alexander Mercouris

Febr 9

Merkel Publicly Humiliates Macron, Rejects His Call to Stop Nord Stream 2

News Topic 43:

France presses Germany to ditch Nord Stream 2 over Navalny

France has urged Germany to scrap a major gas pipeline project — Nord Stream 2 — with Russia. EU members are considering sanctions over the detention…

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Smoking Eagle February 9, 2021

How about the EU imposing sanctions on the UK and US for imprisoning Assange?


FlorianGeyerReply to Smoking Eagle February 9, 2021

Well said.1 Reply

Wilhelmus Klostermann

Wilhelmus Klostermann February 9, 2021

Brilliant as always. Thank you Alexander!1 Reply


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