Amassed snow has damaged several buildings across Moscow Region

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VIDEOS show mountains of snow, collapsed roofs & sliding trucks as Moscow gets hit by record-breaking snowfall

13 Feb, 2021 21:22 / Updated 4 minutes ago

VIDEOS show mountains of snow, collapsed roofs & sliding trucks as Moscow gets hit by record-breaking snowfall

© Sputnik/ Yevgeniy Biyatov

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Follow RT onThe Russian capital has been hit with the worst snowfall in decades, with freak weather disrupting air travel and bringing traffic to a halt. Several people have been injured as a result of roofs collapsing in Moscow Region.

The adverse weather befell the city and its surrounding region on Friday, and snow continued falling for two straight days. A snowfall this intense hasn’t been registered in the city for some 50 years, with the current record dating back to 1973.

Москва.12.02.21.Снегопад!Метель!Авто ставлю на прикол,похоже,на пару дней!))— Татьяна Семагина (@2010semagina) February 13, 2021

The mountains of snow resulted in the closure of multiple roads across the city overnight.

Москва… Снегопад…— Руслан 😎 (@Kipr2000) February 13, 2021

Heavy vehicles fared especially poorly in the thick snow, with trucks pictured sliding on the roads and failing to ascend even the slightest slope.

На Тульской тоже буксуют фуры, горит резина— Дикая Москва (@WildWildMoscow) February 13, 2021

Multiple videos circulating online show good Samaritans in SUVs trying to tow trucks across the city – and some even managing to pull that off.

💁🏽‍♀️ Люберцы. Легковушки берут фуры на буксир.— TVC News (@tvcplus) February 13, 2021

Ул Островитянова вся в застрявших фурах. Нашлись 3 мужика на джипах, вытягивают всех по очереди. Одна фура готова! Поехали тянуть следующую, на очереди бензовоз. Молодцы). 💪🏼— Яна М. (@Ehidna6874) February 13, 2021

The Moscow Ring Road, the city’s crucial traffic artery, has been clogged with heavy trucks, which in some spots managed to move only a few meters over several hours.

Зачем их отправляют в это стойбище, ведь знали про циклон, что МКАД всегда непреодолим в горку для больших? Что за отношение к бизнесу дебильное?!!!— ZLusy (@LyudmilaMsk) February 13, 2021

The traffic jam on the Ring Road prompted some motorists to break all the rules and attempt to drive on the wrong side, footage circulating online shows.

сНежный мкАД. Автомобили едут по встречке, ибо другая сторона полностью стоит…— Radoslav Nekrasov (@Radoslav108) February 13, 2021

Some motorists – and taxi passengers – have given up on their vehicles entirely, braving the weather on foot. Those trying to reach the city’s airports to catch their flights were apparently the most desperate to take this option.

Коллапс? Не, не слышали! #Москва#снегопад— €6aHyTbIN C0ceд 6а6ylIIkИ (@Derry23654) February 13, 2021

Those who got to the airports, however, discovered that air traffic is also being disrupted, with dozens of flights delayed. While the terminals have been all but deserted lately due to coronavirus pandemic, they were filmed crowded with passengers on Saturday.

Из-за непогоды в Москве из аэропорта «Домодедово» не могут улететь люди — задержали уже более 40 рейсов— НТВ (@ntvru) February 13, 2021

The amassed snow has damaged several buildings across Moscow Region. The roof of a gym collapsed, but luckily it was empty during the incident. Images from the scene show the building filled with snow and pieces of the roof that was completely destroyed.

В Новой Москве обрушилась крыша спортзала дома культуры железнодорожников. Слава богам, никто не пострадал— Дикая Москва (@WildWildMoscow) February 13, 2021

The snow also obliterated a light hangar outside Moscow, while several people were working inside. One person was injured during the collapse, while at least two others were trapped under the rubble

В Новой Москве под тяжестью снега просела крыша ангара. По некоторым данным, ангар обрушился. МЧС сообщает, что в нем находились два человека, одного уже спасли— РИА Новости (@rianru) February 13, 2021

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