New Covid variant found in UK

New Covid variant found in UK | 1.7million more people told to shield | Inside quarantine hotel

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More people told to shieldWelcome to today’s briefingThe Government has identified almost two million more people at greater risk from Covid who will be ordered to shield.The NHS will send letters to patients in the coming weeks and allow them to move up their vaccine priority group.Medics and Oxford University researchers have analysed data on those hospitalised or who died during the pandemic so far to calculate those in the population at risk.The new risk assessment computer model will add a further 1.7 million people in England to around two million already on the ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ list.Of these an estimated 900,000 have already had the offer of a vaccine because they are aged over 70, the remaining 800,000 will be placed on the vaccine priority list.Advice is currently to shield until at least the end of February. The change is thought to be in England only for now.This new group are deemed vulnerable due to a combination of less serious conditions and risk factors which taken together make them vulnerable.Venues could demand punters show they’ve had the Covid vaccine, the Vaccines Minister said today.Nadhim Zahawi said the government was looking at rapid Covid testing for people before they go to an event.But asked if venues like cinemas could choose to demand people prove their vaccine status, he told BBC Breakfast: “Well, it’s obviously up to businesses what they do.“But at the moment we don’t yet have the evidence of the effect of the vaccines on transmission.“It’s much better, as the Prime Minister quite rightly focused on, that you look at rapid testing. That’s the way forward.”Boris Johnson has suggested mass vaccine coverage and the use of rapid lateral flow testing are the best way to reopen “the toughest nuts to crack” in the hospitality industry.The World Health Organisation’s special envoy on Covid-19, Dr David Nabarro, backed the Prime Minister’s approach.He told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “The secret to getting life back to some degree of normality for most of us is going to be the availability of really reliable, super-quick tests.“That will make movement so, so much easier. I think that the certificates for vaccination are likely to be required more for international travel and other such activities where you’re actually going into a different jurisdiction. But for moving around (domestically) it will be rapid tests.”

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