Army Special Forces Veteran Says He Lived in Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium for Years |

Tom Garvey, a member of the 5th Special Forces Group, on patrol with his unit near the village of Buon Ya Soup in Vietnam in 1968. (Courtesy of Tom Garvey) | By Blake Stilwell

Until it was demolished in 2004, Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium was home to the Phillies baseball team, the NFL’s Eagles and apparently one former Green Beret, Tom Garvey.

Veterans are known to sleep in a lot of strange, difficult or crazy places, but no one ever thinks of a custom-built, AstroTurf-carpeted secret passage in an NFL stadium when envisioning those places.Advertisementnull

Garvey lived and worked in a place just like that — for around two years.

In an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, he tells the story of getting a job with his uncles’ contracting business in 1977. They were hired to run the stadium’s concession stands and parking lots. Eventually, they hired Garvey to watch the parking lots.

After coming home from Vietnam in 1969, he worked a series of odd jobs, one right after another. This new one might have been just another gig. Instead, it changed his world.

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