Using public transport During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Traveling by Public Transit During the Coronavirus Outbreak


The current iteration of Coronavirus, COVID-19, can spread very quickly. Necessary precautions must be taken to protect ourselves, and to protect the ones around us. 

Make sure to closely follow Moovit’s messages and Service Alerts, and pay attention to local official transit updates. 

The following are precautionary measures, as recommended by the World Health Organization, that are especially true when taking public transportation. 

1) Sanitize your hands frequently. 

While traveling, washing your hands with soap and water to kill the virus is not possible while traveling. Alcohol gel is also a recommended method for cleaning your hands, and is especially important to use frequently when traveling and after touching many foreign surfaces. 

2) Maintain social distancing

It’s recommended to keep a distance of at least 3 feet or 1 meter between yourself and other passengers. This is a safe distance that will decrease the chances of breathing in droplets from someone else that may have COVID-19. 

3) Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth 

This precaution is related to the first recommendation, and especially important when traveling on buses, trains etc. where our hands are touching many surfaces and can pick up the virus from the surface. Eyes, noses, and mouths are easy ways for the virus to enter your body after touching a foreign surface, and then touching your face. 

4) Practice respiratory hygiene

In addition to protecting ourselves from the virus, we can protect others by covering our mouth and nose with our elbow when we cough and sneeze. This is crucial when outside and in the vicinity of others. 

You ride (healthy), we guide….

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