US suffers second mass shooting in six days

US suffers second mass shooting in six days

Is covid in its closing chapter for a while (as summer starts in the northern hemisphere?),as the outlawed Langley terrorists resume their sick wave of deadly fear creating harassments (Ed)

US suffers second mass shooting in six daysInboxIIBT Fast Startto me
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Newsletter Mar 23, 2021One of few good things to come out of the pandemic was a drop in mass murders. Now that COVID numbers are down, mass killings are on the rise.3 ThingsTrigger warning: The bright side is that the country is getting back to normal. The dark truth is that the “old normal” includes America’s abnormally high rate of mass murders and shooting sprees.Monday was a tragic day in Boulder, Colorado, where a man opened fire in a grocery store and parking lot before he was taken into custody. Boulder Police Department confirmed there were multiple deaths, including one of its own officers. See the latest update here.The incident comes six days after a Georgia man went on a shooting spree at three Atlanta-area spas, killing eight and blaming his actions on a sexual addiction. The episode sheds more light on America’s lethal mix of unlimited guns and untreated mental illness. The troubling trend comes after the U.S. saw a decline in the number of mass murders in 2020, which many attributed to the pandemic. But now that crowds are assembling again and things return to normal, it’s a somber reminder that normal was never perfect.FIND OUT WHAT TRIGGERED THE TRAGEDY IN BOULDER

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