Emotions, tensions running high at George Floyd trial

Emotions, tensions run high at George Floyd trial

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Newsletter Apr 2, 2021The murder trial of George Floyd reopened fresh wounds and shed new light on the tragic events surrounding his death in the custody of police.3 ThingsTragic testimony: Day 4 of the George Floyd murder trial struck a somber and disturbing tone as prosecutors attempted to put a face on the man who most only knew from having a police officer’s knee on his neck. Emotional witnesses described Floyd’s life and death.Floyd’s former girlfriend painted a picture of a loving man who shared her battle with drug addiction. She spoke though tears about how she had feared that Floyd had broken his sobriety shortly before his death at the hands of police as prosecutors tried to diffuse the fact that Floyd had Fentanyl in his system at the time of his death. “We want to remind the world who witnessed his death on video that George was walking, talking, laughing, and breathing just fine before Derek Chauvin held his knee to George’s neck, blocking his ability to breathe and extinguishing his life,” prosecutor Ben Crump told jurors.Perhaps the most troubling testimony came from emergency responders, who said there was little they could do when they arrived on the scene. “In lay terms, I thought he was dead,” one said.The court also saw video footage not previously released to the public, including a police body cam scene where Chauvin explains the use of force was necessary to control “a big guy.” like Floyd. The defense will seek to minimize the damage as trial resumes Friday.HOW WILL CHAUVIN’S DEFENSE COUNTER THE CHARGES?Gaetz-gate: Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida may be in some hot water after it was revealed that he is the subject of an investigation into sex trafficking and engaging in sexual relations with a 17-year-old girl.The pro-Trump lawmaker has denied the charges and claims he is the target of an extortion attempt, but the evidence of wrongdoing keeps rolling in. There are reports of Gaetz showing off nude photos and explicit videos of his sexual conquests, often on the House floor.While his conduct could lead to action by Congress for his removal or censure, Gaetz’s bigger concern could be the potential for criminal charges. The investigation is already turning up some disturbing details that could result in charges ranging from campaign finance violations to more serious charges of paying a minor for sex.SEE WHAT FELLOW LAWMAKERS ARE SAYING ABOUT GAETZBorrowed knowledge: Biden is once again floating a proposal to forgive student loan debt for millions of Americans saddled with the cost of a college education — this time for up to $50,000 per person.Responding to requests from Democratic lawmakers to ease the burden on citizens coping with student loan debt, Biden is hinting that he’s ready to bring the topic to the table — and double down on it. Actually, make that five-times the amount he originally proposed.On the campaign trail, Biden said he was on board to knock off $10,000 for student loan recipients. However, his primary focus was on passing the American Rescue Plan and getting vaccination programs up and rolling. Now he’s indicating that he’s willing to up the amount he is considering to approve in student debt forgiveness Americans currently owe a total of $1.7 trillion in student loan debt.SEE HOW MUCH STUDENT LOAN DEBT HAS SKYROCKTEDMarketsDJIA33,153.210.52%S&P 5004,019.871.18%Nasdaq Composite13,480.111.76%Japan: Nikkei 22529,854.001.58%UK: FTSE 1006,737.300.35%Crude Oil Futures61.243.52%Gold Futures1,730.300.86%Yen110.44-0.14%Euro1.180.03%* As of market close
Clocking inFor employees of two of the nation’s biggest employers, it’s almost time to get back on the job — and not while wearing sweatpants from home.Amazon and Google announced they are going to begin bringing back employees for in-person work at limited capacity beginning this month, well ahead of Google’s original Sept. 1 schedule. Amazon’s office have been closed for over a year but employees will begin returning in phases.Both companies attribute the move to the rapid increase in vaccinations nationwide. Eligibility requirements for the vaccine have opened up to anyone age 16 and over in most states, making it possible for workers to return to the workplace safely as long as pandemic protocol is observed.“Over the past year, teams have done incredible work under difficult circumstances, and we’ve learned a lot about the pros and cons of remote work,” Amazon said in a statement announcing the decision. “We look forward to the day in the not-too-distant future when we can again invent together—safely and in person—on behalf of customers.”The reopening coincides with talks of unionization among Amazon employees, in part due to work conditions that involved potential exposure to COVID. Some workers will be allowed to continue working from home based on a variety of factors, but the office doors are swinging open.SEE WHAT AMAZON AND GOOGLE ARE DOING TO SAFELY REOPEN
‘Lawyers, guns and money’The gun business is booming, and fear once again appears to be the best form of advertising. And not just the fear of criminals, but also from a distrust in the government.Law enforcement officials were encouraged when mass shootings were on the decline during the pandemic, but a recent spate of gun violence has experts concerned about a return to “normal.” Since Atlanta’s massage parlor massacre and Boulder’s grocery store shootings, there have been 20 mass killings across the country.The surge in mass shootings has reignited talks of gun control, which has predictably created a run on firearms. The FBI’s already overwhelmed background check system saw a 36% increase in March. Those figures spiked after President Joe Biden called on Congress to enact gun control legislation to ban assault weapons like the ones purchased by the two suspects days before the attacks.SEE WHY PEOPLE ARE BUYING GUNS LIKE NEVER BEFORE
Swagg swindledTalk about a bad rap, one international con man pretending to be a famous rapper ran a game on his very real and very angry fans to the tune of $1.8 million. That’s more than making it rain; that’s a monsoon.Swagg Man, whose real name is the less-glamorous Iteb Zaibet, used social media to trick a loyal fan following into believing in — and eventually buying in — the fake rapper’s street cred. After convincing fans he was legit, he sat about tricking them into financing his over-the-top lifestyle.Swagg Man posted videos of himself burning money and posing with luxury cars. When adoring fans — many of them youngsters — trusted him for financial advice, the tattoo-faced wannabe took them to the cleaners.Claiming he got a bad rap, Zaibet was found guilty on multiple counts of fraud and money laundering and sentenced to five years. He faces more charges that are creating jurisdictional issues because he scammed dozens of victims from all over the world. Now that’s an April Fools’ trick.FIND OUT HOW SWAGG MAN WAS UNABLE TO BEAT THE RAPSPONSORED CONTENTIt’s time to crack the code with machine learning. Experts at VantagePoint want to show you the A.I. forecasting tool they have been fine-tuning for over 40 years. This A.I. gives you that edge you’ve been searching for. How? It recognizes patterns and forecasts trends up to 3 days in advance. Reserve your seat in this complimentary LIVE TRAINING now! Real results will be proven.
‘Peanut butter jelly time’Today is National PB&J Day, and we’ve got a tasty tidbit to celebrate. It’s a simple recipe, but who is credited with inventing the lunchbox classic?(Wednesday’s answer: Donald Trump and Jimmy Carter are the only two modern presidents who did not throw out a ceremonial Opening Day pitch.SEND YOUR ANSWER HERE TO SHOW OFF YOUR KNOWLEDGEThink Fast StartWe hope you are enjoying waking up to Fast Start, and we say the more the merrier. Introduce your friends to us by forwarding them a copy and encourage them to subscribe. Tell them to let us know you sent them.HERE’S THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOUR FRIENDS WILL NEED
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