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MORE TOPICS…YESTERDAY, 22:33Development of Russia’s new-generation ICBM to begin in 2023-2024 — source

YESTERDAY, 16:46Russian Navy aircraft hold bombing exercise in Baltic drills

YESTERDAY, 14:47Russian Navy corvette calls at Cyprus in long-distance deploymentYESTERDAY, 13:26Russia may extend service life of SS-19 Stiletto ICBMs by three years

ALLYESTERDAY, 11:20 MILITARY DRILLSRussia, Belarus to test offensive operation techniques in Zapad-2021 strategic drillsYESTERDAY, 11:11 MILITARY DRILLSOver 50 battalion tactical groups to fight enemy drones in southern Russia drillsYESTERDAY, 09:11Russian radars track 50 foreign spy planes and drones near state borders over weekTWO DAYS AGO, 18:33Russian Navy frigate holds successful air defense firings in Arctic drillsTWO DAYS AGO, 14:51Russian Navy guided missile frigate enters Atlantic in long-distance deployment

31 MAR, 18:11Andrey Revenok appointed as new Aerospace Forces 15th Army Chief of Staff31 MAR, 13:22Moscow offered to restore military contacts within Russia-NATO Council

31 MAR, 12:45Russia to launch serial production of latest air defense control system in 202131 MAR, 10:53Russian troops hold first rehearsal of WWII Victory Parade near Moscow30 MAR, 12:34Russian shipbuilders to convert large anti-submarine warship into frigate by 2025

30 MAR, 11:27Russia’s latest Il-112V military transport plane successfully completes 2nd test flight

29 MAR, 20:00Russian Tu-142 planes escorted by Norwegian, British fighter jets over northern seas29 MAR, 16:11Two Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers perform flight over Barents, Norwegian seas29 MAR, 13:14Putin signs decree to draft over 130,000 conscripts into Russian Army in spring29 MAR, 10:06Russian, South Korean defense officials agree to expand cooperation29 MAR, 00:06Russian military construction crews built almost 800 buildings in Arctic since 201326 MAR, 16:14Russian Navy frigate holds artillery firings in Barents Sea26 MAR, 15:56Two MiG-31 jets make first-ever flight over North Pole26 MAR, 15:13Three Russian nuclear subs surface from under Arctic ice for first time, says Navy chief

26 MAR, 13:56Russian Navy ships fire Osa air defense systems to hit enemy targets in Black Sea drills

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