Did the Reich dream really end at Nuremberg?

Nazi Holocaust was so successful for the German dictators and participating affiliates that their madcap ways didn’t stop at the end of WW II. These dictators were part of the NWO, New World Order, and UN, United Nations, affiliates with a long history and some name changes. These people took high positions worldwide, from water municipalities to nuclear power plants and heads of powerful companies and government departments.

From the decision making positions their age old dream of a genocide on a global basis was in the making. H.A.A.R.P. TTA’S, CHEMTRAILS, FLUORIDE, GMO’S MAKING HUMANS INTO DIFFERENT DNA, RNA, SPECIES TO ENSLAVE AND BATTER.

(extracted from a prominent local book distribution)

Published by technofiend1

Kazan- Kazan National Research Technical University Казанский национальный исследовательский технический университет имени А. Н. Туполева he graduated in Economics in 1982

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