“War with USA inevitable” says Russia



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Russian State media claims war with US ‘Inevitable’ as tensions on Ukraine border rise UNILAD17:28The Kremlin’s strategy to undermine Britain The Spectator15:17Ukroboronprom ready to double production of weapons due to escalation from Russia Interfax-Ukraine16:53Russia and Ukraine ‘on doorstep of war with half a million troops on move’ Mirror.co.uk11:31EU may impose sanctions on Poroshenko and Biden, – European media 112 Ukraine International15:44Ukraine’s military intel says Russia to amass 110,000 soldiers at Ukraine border by Apr 20 UNIAN17:36

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In the last 5 minutesLavrov conveys concerns over escalation in Donbass to OSCE chairperson TASS18:33ADVERTISEMENThttps://3e6dce333c3d0cff32099c36a57f86ea.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.htmlIn the last half-hourRussian propaganda heating up tensions since winter to prepare grounds for aggression – media UNIAN18:17As Russia threatens to invade Ukraine, the West appears paralysed New Statesman18:10Analysis / Ukraine still outgunned as Russia prepares for larger conflict The Guardian18:10Belarus is the new front in Putin’s war against Ukraine Atlantic Council18:09Protests embrace US due to death of black man: Key facts about Daunte Wright case 112 Ukraine International18:09Biden warns Putin he will ‘act firmly’ if he does not de-escalate Ukraine tensions JOE.co.uk18:04In the last hourFive reasons for investors to ‘curb their enthusiasm’: Bank of America strategist The Globe and Mail17:50Ukraine considers restricting 2020-21 sunoil exports Argus Media17:45Cohen: Challenges from both Russia and China confront Joe Biden Ottawa Citizen17:42Ukraine’s military intel says Russia to amass 110,000 soldiers at Ukraine border by Apr 20 UNIAN17:36In the last 2 hoursCabinet of Ministers: conducting Ukrainian language exams for officials 112 Ukraine International17:34Russian State Media Claims War With US ‘Inevitable’ As Tensions On Ukraine Border Rise UNILAD17:28PSD’s MP Gliga: I asked Minister of Defense to specify Romania’s position on events on Ukrainian border Stiripesurse.ro17:17ADVERTISEMENTUkraine’s most scandalous judge, Vovk, may be transferred to new court Kyiv Post17:17Russia, Ukraine hold military drills, NATO criticises Russian troop build-up Reuters17:07Cabinet approves 2020 report on govt activities – PM Interfax-Ukraine17:04Analysis: Hot or cold war? Investors try to second guess Russia’s military manoeuvres Reuters17:03Putin and Xi Have Red Lines, Too Intellectual Takeout17:01Ukraine passes peak of new Covid-19 cases, decrease in number of deaths expected 112 Ukraine International16:57Ukroboronprom ready to double production of weapons due to escalation from Russia Interfax-Ukraine16:53“Poke-and-probe.” Why Russia is massing troops & military hardware along Ukraine border Euromaidan Press16:50How To Handle Scandal – The Ukrainian Way NewsMax16:47U.S. Mission to OSCE calls on Russia to explain pulling of troops to Ukraine borders UNIAN16:46ANALYSIS-Hot or cold war? Investors try to second guess Russia’s military manoeuvres Reuters16:43Over 80% of apartment demand in Kyiv accounts for primary market – study Interfax-Ukraine16:43Ukraine suspects Russia intends to store nuclear weapons in Crimea Daily Sabah16:37view more headlines14 Apr 19:00

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Eastern Europe Top Stories 

EU Commission ‘concerned’ about PKN Orlen media takeover, Jourová says EurActiv.com17:18Russia, Ukraine hold military drills, NATO criticises Russian troop build-up Reuters17:07EU may impose sanctions on Poroshenko and Biden, – European media 112 Ukraine International15:44War of unreality: Why Russia is threatening to escalate the Ukraine conflict European Council on Foreign Relations12:17Dutch tourists trial COVID-19 holiday to Rhodes CGTN15:26

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Brexit: European Commission update on UK accession to Lugano Convention Thomson Reuters – Practical Law17:24EU Commission to end AstraZeneca and J&J vaccine contracts at expiry Irish Examiner14:31Body of man thought to be Greek immigrant found in sea off UK Greek Reporter17:30Small joy for The Queen as her horse wins the European Free Handicap at Newmarket Royal Central17:40Russia interrupts UN video meeting to protest over Kosovo flag euronews16:10

World Top Stories 

EU puts faith in Pfizer jab with plan for 1.8 billion doses Deutsche Welle18:00Pfizer VaccinePfizerEuropean UnionJohnson & Johnson Covid vaccine’s benefits outweigh risk of side effects: EU regulator AniNews.in17:40Pharma NewsCoronavirus VaccineJohnson & Johnson VaccineBritain, France, Germany slam Iran for further violating 2015 nuclear deal UPI17:54Iran Nuclear ProgrammeIranNot CoronavirusJoe Biden won’t let 9/11 attacks justify U.S. continuing Afghanistan deployment Newsweek17:26US/AfghanistanAfghanistanUSMinnesota police officer will be charged in the shooting of Daunte Wright: prosecutor Global News18:26Minnesota ShootingDaunte WrightNot Coronavirus

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Conservative MPs have voted down plans for a full parliamentary inquiry of David Cameron’s Greensill lobbyingDenmark has become the first country to stop using the AstraZeneca vaccineSurge testing is being expanded to north London after another case of the South African variant was detectedSainsbury’s has issued an urgent Hepatitis A warning over Medjool datesThe Home Office’s Napier Barracks is ‘entirely unsuitable’ to house asylum seekers, the High Court has heardSlavia Prague’s Ondrej Kudela has received a 10-game ban for racially abusing Rangers’ Glen KamaraNewsNow

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