Great white (jaws) shark heading for UK waters

Huge great white shark heading for UK after becoming only second to cross Atlantic

Tracked fearsome female shark Nukumi is moving across the Atlantic and is “capable of reaching the UK coast” an expert at the science organisation OCEARCH has warned

ByAdam AspinallNews reporter

  • 12:32, 23 APR 2021
  • UPDATED14:14, 23 APR 2021


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A giant great white shark could be heading for the UK after taking a worrying wrong turn.

The 17ft predator has become only the second in history to cross the Atlantic and could be headed straight for British shores – just in time for summer.

The 253 stone female shark Nukumi usually swims up and down the west coast of America and Canada.


But in what has been called a highly unusual move, the 50-year-old matriarch – the largest ever tagged in the region by scientists who are monitoring her – took a swerve east, across the Atlantic.

Migratory species like great white sharks rarely cross the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a barrier in the middle of the ocean, but Nukumi took the turn earlier this month.

And she has kept going, surfacing long enough for the tag in her dorsal fin to ‘ping’ a GPS location back to gripped shark trackers at science organisation OCEARCH.


The beast is now closer to the UK than the US
The beast is now closer to the UK than the US (Image: OCEARCH / SWNS.COM)

Its chief scientist Dr Bob Hueter said: “At this point in her track, Nukumi has crossed from the western Atlantic to the eastern Atlantic over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the dividing feature between west and east.MOST READ1Queen stepped in to change Prince Louis’s name – and he nearly had different title2Prince Harry talks with family ‘put on ice’ over ‘leaks from the Sussex side’3Grandad who claims he is Charles and Camilla’s son shares bizarre picture ‘proof’

“She has been swimming eastward for about two months since she left the US coast off the state of North Carolina.

“As of her last known location, Nukumi was still about 1,700 nautical miles from the UK. Now, that is less than her distance from the US coast, so she is capable of reaching the UK coast.”

But he added: “We would not predict that she will do that, as white sharks are rare off the UK.”

The only other great white shark tracked making the crossing was Lydia, in April 2014, which stunned scientists with an epic journey to the coast of Portugal.

Nukumi the shark
Nukumi , pictured in October 2020, is only the second shark in history to cross the Atlantic (Image: Chris Ross /OCEARCH/ SWNS.COM)

Nukumi’s two-month voyage has so far taken her to 1,700 nautical miles off British shores – and experts admitted: “She is capable of reaching the UK coast”.

The Mirror has revealed fisherman’s claims in the past that Great White’s have stalked the British coast but it has never been proven.

There is a documented population of Great Whites in the Mediterranean and they have been blamed for attacks off Italy.

In 1989, diver Luciano Costanzo, 47, was reportedly eaten alive by one near Tuscany. His body was never found.DON’T MISSQueen stepped in to change Prince Louis’s name – and he nearly had different titleGrandad who claims he is Charles and Camilla’s son shares bizarre picture ‘proof’Prince Harry talks with family ‘put on ice’ over ‘leaks from the Sussex side’

But one expert doubts the creature will find its way into UK waters
One expert doubts Nukumi will find her way into UK waters (Image: Chris Ross /OCEARCH/ SWNS.COM)

Experts also agree the conditions off our coasts are good for the giant fish and that with increasing sea temperatures over the years there is no reason why a species like the Great White could not set up shop off the coast of the UK.

Boffins believe Nukumi is on the move because she could be pregnant, and is looking for a place to give birth away from her aggressive male counterparts.

Nukumi is the largest white shark tagged in the Northwest Atlantic by OCEARCH to date, and researchers believe she is over 50 years old judging by her large scars.

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Tracking from non-profit OCEARCH, who attached a tag to her dorsal fin in Nova Scotia in October 2020, shows she travels on average 44 miles each day.

She left the North Carolina coast on February 22 and since being tagged has travelled around 5,570 miles. She crossed the ridge around April 5, and has ‘pinged’ a number of times since.Follow @DailyMirror



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