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1945: Benito Mussolini executed


 April 28 1945
Benito Mussolini executed
On April 28, 1945, “Il Duce,” Benito Mussolini, and his mistress, Clara Petacci, are shot by Italian partisans who had captured the couple as they attempted to flee to Switzerland. The 61-year-old deposed former dictator of Italy was established by his German allies as the figurehead of a puppet gov… read more

Total Dictators

Greed, genocide, political manipulation and murder most foul—these dictators would stop at nothing to make sure their names went down in history as the greatest rulers to have ever lived

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1970s1978Afghan president is overthrown and murdered

COLD WAR1965U.S. troops land in the Dominican Republic in attempt to forestall a “communist dictatorship”

CRIME199635 killed in Australia’s Port Arthur Massacre mass shooting

EXPLORATION1789Mutiny on the HMS Bounty
FRANCE1969Charles de Gaulle resigns as leader of France

INVENTIONS & SCIENCE1916Luxury car magnate Ferruccio Lamborghini is born

SPORTS1967Muhammad Ali refuses Army induction

VIETNAM WAR1970President Nixon approves Cambodian incursionF

 This Day in History 

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