London mayor-an interesting race

We won’t know for sure who’s won the keys to City Hall until at least Saturday night – currently it’s 8.30pm.

Vote counting has been taking longer this year to cater for Covid restrictions.

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First round results – LIVE

Sadiq Khan (Labour) – 839,811 votes

Shaun Bailey (Conservatives) – 757,894 votes

Sian Berry (Green) – 168,096 votes

Luisa Porritt (Liberal Democrat) – 84,706 votes

Laurence Fox (The Reclaim Party) – 40,189 votes

Niko Omilana (Independent) – 38,509 votes

Brian Rose (London Real Party) – 25,220 votes

Richard Hewison (Rejoin EU) – 22,779 votes

Count Binface (Count Binface Party) – 20,821 vo

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