I dont think I could stand it,sitting on the flight deck of a swiftly moving modern airliner and something go ‘wrong” and with your life in jeopardy along with the passengers start chanting out of a checklist,from a book, a manual trying to fix the situation which puts you in peril .😭

As a pilot, have you ever had a real emergency in flight?

Emergency isn’t very well defined so I’ll just say we had some “abnormals” in the aircraft. To me an emergency is something like an engine fire or fire in the cabin or cargo bin. Something that put our lives at risk. Nothing like that in my career.

Once, we had a landing gear unsafe light for the nosewheel. We prepared the cabin as though we would land with the gear retracted. I knew it was down and locked because I could hear it happen but we decided to be safe rather than sorry so we went through the whole procedure. We landed and the gear stayed down and locked. We scared the passengers and I felt sorry for them.

We once had the cabin pressure slowly climb above 10,000 feet which set off the horn in the cockpit. We simply descended to a lower altitude where the pressurization was able to keep the cabin below that altitude. We continued to our destination but we burned a little more fuel.

I’ve had several low fuel situations which I don’t want to repeat. The worst was a low fuel problem in a 727 in Manilla. It was pretty tight.

We shut down an engine for low oil pressure in a 727. It wasn’t any big deal because we had three engines and losing one of them is okay as long as you don’t have to go around. Luckily, we didn’t.

There have been some exciting moments on icy runways and taxiways but nothing I would consider an emergency.

There have been some disruptive passengers and we almost diverted for one of them but he settled down and we continued to our destination.

I can’t think of any others. I think it’s a pretty good record for about 30 years of airline flying.

(answer extract from pilot on Quota)

The American made Boeing 747-400 “Jumbo Jet” features a modern EFIS (Electronic Flight Information System) flight deck and a lot of automation, which allows companies around the world to crew this aircraft with two pilots only. The freighter variant of the B747 is able to carry 114 metric tons over a distance of 4000 nautical miles. This picture shows the Cargo Ramp in Jeddah, where all ramp positions are filled with Saudi Arabian Airlines Jumbo Freighters.

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