Poland Introduces New Quarantine Rules




Poland Introduces New Quarantine Rules After Crossing the Border

May 5, 2020 

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Poland’s government has decided to exempt from the mandatory quarantine citizens who cross the Polish border for professional, business, economic or educational purposes, in Poland or neighbouring countries, country’s Ministry of the Interior and Administration announced.

The new rule will not be applied to citizens practising medical profession and employed in social welfare centres, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

From the quarantine will be exempted persons who have crossed the border with the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark and Lithuania.

“When entering our country, however, they must document to Border Guard officers the fact of travelling for professional, gainful, business or educational purposes,” Ministry of the Interior and Administration statement reads.

The Council of Ministers introduced new rules of the quarantine on May 2, while establishing certain restrictions, orders and bans related to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The transport of goods crossing the border with Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania will be allowed, and professional drivers will not be subject to quarantine, or sanitary controls after arriving in the country.

From the quarantine will also be exempted workers who need to cross the Polish border for work on a farm that is located on both sides of Poland’s border.

Amid Coronavirus pandemic, last week Poland decided to keep internal border controls with Germany, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia until May 13.

The Interior Minister of Poland, Mariusz Kaminski has signed an amendment to the regulation on internal border control in order to extend the border controls until May 13.

Poland’s government clarified that the frontiers would be passable only at designed places, as well as the checks at seaports and airports.

As part of measures to halt the spread of Coronavirus pandemic, Poland reintroduced its land, sea and air border controls with the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania and Slovakia on March 15.

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