Are you in need of Type Rating?

Are you in need of Type Rating?

Type Rating courses at BAA Training availableView in browserType Rating training8 Frequently Asked Questions about Type Rating

We have summarized the most frequently asked questions to give you a hand in making your own conclusions and decisions regarding your Type Rating path. If you would like to get more in-depth answers please click the button below to read the full article. We hope you find it useful!

 1. What is Type Rating?It is a qualification to fly a specific aircraft type that commercial pilot licence holders can apply for.
2. How different is Type Rating from Ab Initio training?While Ab Initio training usually lasts up to 24 months with 18 months devoted to practical training, you can finalize your Type Rating within 1.5 months
.3. Is remote learning possible?At BAA Training, you can opt for partial distance learning for Boeing 737NG, Boeing 737 300-900, or Airbus A320. It is an ordinary EASA Type Rating training program equally valid to traditional training carried out in the classroom with an instructor
.4. Do I need a simulator partner?While you are right in thinking that typically training in a simulator is undertaken in pairs, you are not obliged to find a partner by yourself
.5. How long does it take to complete Type Rating?For instance, A320 Type Rating theory training consists of 20 days, including three rest days (131 hours), and the flight phase on the Airbus A320 FFS includes nine sessions (36 hours)
.6. How to choose an aircraft to get type-rated on?It depends on many factors, such as your home country, the airlines you would like to work for, and current market trends, to mention a few
.7. I can only afford a CPL. What shall I do?You can explore your possibilities of getting a bank loan or having the Type Rating sponsored by an airline.
The latter option is infrequent but still exists.
8. Is it a profitable investment?Type-rated pilots employed by an airline can count on their investment to pay off within two or three years on average.Before the Covid-19 phenomena, First Officers typically earned between € 35,000 and € 120,000 a year, while Captains got between € 80,000 and € £250,000 a year.

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Currently available Type Rating courses
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more explicit descriptions and examples!
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