I ask the traffic lights if it’ll be alright they say, “I don’t know”

Travel chaos

Alternate text  May 19, 2021Alternate textYou should not travel to amber list countries. Unless it is to “visit friends”, according to the Environment Secretary. Instead, pack your bags and fly off to a green list location except, hang on, foreign travel is “dangerous” and “not for this year” according to health minister Lord Bethell. And for goodness sake, put India on the red list unless – cripes! – the Prime Minister is anxiously awaiting his post-Brexit trip to Delhi. At PMQs today, Boris Johnson said with apparent seriousness: “It is very, very clear… you should not be going to an amber list country on holiday.” The summer travel chaos deepened further as EU ambassadors met (what is the collective noun of a group of EU ambassadors – a bloc? A Monnet?) and recommended that fully vaccinated Brits should be able travel freely in Europe. Elsewhere in the paper, the Evening Standard has joined forces with Netflix to launch a storytelling festival to give a new generation the chance to find their voice. The line-up for the three-day Stories Festival, at Picturehouse Central, includes Line of Duty writer Jed Mercurio and singer Will Young, who will be in conversation with Rob Rinder about his memoir To Be a Gay Man. You can sign up here. And finally, at this risk of making this newsletter a hopelessly Boris Johnson-centric affair (which he would hate, naturally), the Prime Minister has called in specialist decorators as his £840-a-roll gold wallpaper ‘keeps falling down’.CHRISTIAN ADAMS’ VIEW TODAY’S STORIESHolidays abroad: EU says ‘yes’ – UK says ‘no’ as travel chaos deepens. Boris Johnson says don’t go on holiday to amber list countries as the EU prepares to welcome fully-vaccinated BritsIndian variant not spreading as quickly as feared in UK, says Prof Neil Ferguson. “The curves are flattening a little.But it will take more time for us to be definitive about thatHammersmith Bridge to part reopen this summer – but not to cars. Meanwhile, TfL’s third Covid bailout will not include a commitment to fully reopen the bridge to motor trafficIs there a masterplan? Or is it revenge for being turfed out of Number 10 by the PM he considers his moral inferior?Cummings is ruthless: he won’t just throw a punch and walk away, warns Tom Newton DunnIN-DEPTH‘Politicians don’t have the confidence to take risks anymore’ – designer Thomas Heatherwick warns London is in danger of losing its way  Read today’s edition onlineREAD MOREAlternate text The Evening Standard and Netflix launch a storytelling festival to give the chance for new voices to be heardAlternate text The Tower of London reopens after its longest closure since World War Two

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