Harry Kane acknowledges many of his teammates struggled to adapt to Jose Mourinho’s demands

Harry Kane explains why Jose Mourinho “didn’t work” at Tottenham

Harry Kane acknowledges many of his teammates struggled to adapt to Jose Mourinho’s demands after the Portuguese replaced Mauricio Pochettino as Tottenham manager in November 2019

‘Arry Kane admits many of his Tottenham teammates struggled to live up to Jose Mourinho’s demands in the build-up to his sacking last month.

The Portuguese was dismissed by Spurs with the club seventh in the Premier League and on the receiving end of an embarrassing Europa League upset in March.

Although his team’s performances were often sub-par, Mourinho managed to get the best out of Kane and the Englishman was the first to pay tribute to his former manager after his sacking.

But Kane acknowledges not all of his teammates had such a strong relationship with Mourinho and highlighted his differences from predecessor Mauricio Pochettino to illustrate this.

The Three Lions captain spoke highly of working under Mourinho
The Three Lions captain spoke highly of working under Mourinho (Image: Pool via REUTERS)

“It was pretty much completely different if I’m honest,” Kane told Gary Neville on The Overlap when asked about the Pochettino and Mourinho’s approaches to management. “Just in the style of play, the way they set up, tactical training we would do.

“Obviously Mauricio we do a lot of gym work, it was a lot gym base whereas Jose wasn’t so much into that but Jose obviously expected us to be men and act like men on the pitch, have leaders on the pitch.

Kane lifted the lid on Mourinho's expectations of the Spurs squad
Kane lifted the lid on Mourinho’s expectations of the Spurs squad

“To be honest, that’s probably where it didn’t quite work out with Jose we didn’t quite have enough leadership that we needed at the time.

“Obviously the club was in a difficult stage, with Mauricio getting sacked it’s never easy a new manager coming in.

“I think with Jose I had a great relationship with him, we got on from minute one. I think we understood each other, we had a similar mentality and how we saw stuff on the pitch, off the pitch and mentality in training so we kind of built that relationship.

“Again it’s a shame we couldn’t go on to win things but I’ve been lucky enough to work with Mauricio and Jose, they’re two incredible managers that’s only helped me in my career for sure.”https://c1f43cae8dc326fad306fced7dd9b85b.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html138212091369

Kane also pinpointed similarities between his mindset and Mourinho’s, adding: “Jose’s got so much experience in the biggest of games at the biggest of clubs and that’s what I mean by saying we had a similar mentality in that aspect in doing anything to win. And that’s the game. Jose just wanted to win.

“That was the mentality he was trying to put into the players at Spurs, do anything to win and I think like you said we did become more streetwise, but maybe there was relationships that didn’t quite work there but from my point of view, he was great for me.”

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