China Hydro In Tibet (Part Two) The Voyage Of Discovery

Wind Power and all versions of Solar Power, fail comprehensively to deliver levels of power required to replace traditional power generation.

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TonyfromOzProfileImageBy Anton Lang ~

Could the Motuo Hydro Electricity project in Eastern Tibet be one of the most astonishing engineering achievements ever constructed?

It is currently still only under active consideration, but why would a proposal even get this far unless there was some certainty that it could actually be done.

China's Three Gorges Hydro Electric Dam And Power Plant China’s Three Gorges Hydro Electric Dam And Power Plant

The image at right shows the Immense Three Gorges Dam, the largest Power Plant on Earth, and this Motuo project is almost twice the size of this.

In the earlier Post (at this link) I canvassed an opinion as to why China is so interested in staying in Tibet, and that the reason could be Hydro Electric Power on the many Rivers that rise in the Himalayas and flow through Tibet, in what is called the Tibet Autonomous Region. China has proposals for a large number of Hydro…

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