Americans handing out GERM WARFARE weaponry that could wipe out millions across world, Russian Security Council official claims — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Germ warfare is formally banned by the Biological Weapons Convention, signed in 1972 and ratified by 183 states. Russia, along with the US and Britain, underwrites the agreement as one of the three depository members responsible for administering membership of the treaty. The convention describes the potential use of biological and toxin-based weapons as “repugnant to the conscience of mankind.” The Federation of American Scientists has previously cautioned that US research on non-lethal bio-agents “exceeds the limits” imposed by the Cold War-era

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Comment by tonytran2015:

The US is becoming a major exporter of deadly biological weapons to nations across the globe, a member of Russia’s Security Council has argued, warning of the potential for a colossal body count if they are ever actually used.

Yuri Averyanov, the first deputy secretary of the country’s top national defense body, used an interview with RIA Novosti on Tuesday to warn that“lethal and dangerous microorganisms… could potentially be released into the environment, allegedly by mistake.”He added that such an attack, if used against Russia,“would lead to a massive destruction of the civilian population”both within the country and in neighboring states.

He added that Washington is currently working to increase biological weapons capabilities in a number of states around the world, including some close to Russia. These programs, he says, weaponize viruses and other pathogens “primarily for military purposes.”


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