Russians Say COVID Came from an American Lab in China. Is It True? – Nwo Report

Director Thomas Inglesby of Johns Hopkins’ Center for Health Security admits, “even in the greatest laboratories of the world, there are mistakes.”

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Comment by tonytran2015: This is a frightening accusation.

Source:Lynn Corum

Burning questions remain regarding the COVID epidemic.Where did it come from?How did it spread?Who is responsible?The key question is whether we are dealing with the release, accidental or not, of a lab-created pathogen.The Russian and Chinese press continue to pump out articles holding America guilty, but they serve as a smokescreen for ill-run Chinese labs.

In March 2020, the Russian monthlyZvezda([Red] Star) blamed George Soros for financing “the laboratory in Wuhan, China, that developed and released the coronavirus in late 2019,”blaming America by association.The mainstream American media are quick to dismiss that claim as “disinformation.”Yet perhaps it is Russianmis-information, a propagandized account shaping public opinion of something that actually happened, some lab accident at a Chinese laboratory.However grossly hyped, this claim still deserves investigation to determine whether or not the novel coronavirus was released…

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