Each Key Event in ‘A Christmas Carol’ listed and ordered

Food for thought isn’t it?

Miss Huttlestone's GCSE English


  • The narrator tells us Marley is dead. Scrooge is in his counting house – it’s Christmas eve and he and his clerk bob Cratchit are still working

  • Fred, Scrooge’s nephew arrives to wish him Merry Christmas and to invite him to spend Christmas with him but Scrooge refuses rudely. Two Charity Men also visit and Scrooge refuses to give them any money “are there no prisons?

  • Scrooge arrives home and sees the face of Jacob Marley in the door knocker.

  • Later that evening the ghost of Jacob Marley appears – he is wrapped in heavy chains and is doomed to wandering the earth. Marley says Scrooge will end up the same as him if he doesn’t change and that Scrooge will be visited by three spirits who are the only chance Scrooge has of saving himself.Image result for stave one a christmas carolSTAVE TWO:

  • The Ghost of Christmas Past appears to Scrooge. He is…

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