Eugenia Chavez Segovia was among three Mexican nationals who drowned at sea

She tried to cross the border twice. Border Patrol expelled her. On a third try, she died off Point Loma.Maria Eugenia Chavez Segovia was among three Mexican nationals who drowned at sea when an overloaded trawler-style boat ran aground. READ MORE
Lawsuits link lapses at S.D. County Child Welfare Services to child death, injuriesCounty social workers are accused of getting kids medical exams without parent OK, misleading dependency court, records show. READ MORE
San Diego launches $10M assessment of aging city dams, including three rated ‘poor’Officials: $1B in upgrades may be needed for city’s nine dams, which range in age from 61 to 109 years old. READ MORE
‘We need to be vigilant’: La Mesa reflects on last year’s protest, riotCommunity members gathered for “La Mesa’s Day of Remembrance.” READ MORE
Twice as many San Diego breweries opened as closed during the pandemic. Here’s what’s new.In spite of pandemic and governmental restrictions, county’s brewery venue count increases during COVID-19. READ MORE
Developer scales back San Diego housing development. Will it be enough to appease the community?The Trails at Carmel Mountain Ranch has faced opposition. READ MORE
Padres drop finale to Astros as Blake Snell shelled againJoe Musgrove comes in to save bullpen after Snell has one of worst days of his career. READ MORE
Padres notes: Diaz a new pitcher; Grisham likely a day away; Gore sidelined by blisterCenter fielder will test bruised heel on Monday at Wrigley Field with idea he comes off IL on Tuesday. READ MORE
America, Boz Scaggs, Chelsea Handler head Humphreys Concerts by the Bay 40th anniversary lineupAfter canceling it 2020 season because of COVID-19, Humphreys Concerts returns with Gipsy Kings, The Temptations, Bleachers, Camilo, Dwight Yoakam and dozens more. READ MORE
La Jolla Music Society announces star-studded, in-person SummerFest lineup after online-only 2020 editionAn all-virtual event last year because of COVID-19, the chamber-music festival will resume in August with live performances by piano star Daniil Trifonov, The Calder Quartet, Kings Return, Aaron Diehl and more. READ MORE
Opinion: I have not always fully appreciated Memorial Day. After joining the military, that changed.Help assure that the memory of the fallen lives on and we renew our understanding of this solemn day. READ MORE
Opinion: Gold Star families are grieving and hurting on Memorial Day. Let’s help lighten the load.Call up our buddies’ Moms and Dads, or better yet send a note. Memorial Day is one day out of the year where we turn to them and say “let me carry this for a day,” or at the very least, let us sit with you in your grief. READ MORE

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