Patriot department

Donald Trump Garden Gnome
Freeloaders coming for your garden? 

Protect your yard with the defender of our nation! Donald Trump is here to keep pests out and patriotism in! 

The Trump Garden Gnome is the perfect addition to any yard or patio and sends a symbol of freedom and liberty to all. Donald is ready to defend your home with the same integrity he uses to defend our great country. This Trump Gnome is the perfect gift for any gardeners in your life looking to ward off the liberals in their neighborhood. 

With two thumbs up, he’s ready to get to work and help Make Your Garden Great Again![Buy here]

“The Donald” Rubber Duck
Make Bath Time Great Again! 

The Donald has already achieved incredible progress towards Making America Great Again. Now it’s time to Make Bath Time Great Again! This is the perfect bath time toy for any little future Republican voters you know. 

Get one for the best trade deal bath time has ever had! [Buy here]

Trump Presidential Playing Cards

This set of playing cards celebrates Donald Trump and his policies, with each card face featuring unique artwork of a personality or politician that demonstrates why Donald Trump was elected. 

Get a pack of Trump Playing Cards… It’ll be the best trade deal your poker night has ever had. [Buy here]

The Magic Trump Ball
Got a YUGE decision to make? Put it in the safe hands of The Donald! Trump is ready to make your future great by answering any question you’ve got! 

Who better to give you life advice than Donald Trump? Not only is he one of America’s greatest presidents, but he’s also a successful businessman. Is there anyone better equipped to guide your decisions? No! 

With over 20 responses including “Do it. I’ll pay the legal fees” and “You’re fired,” the Trump Magic 8 Ball has the answers for any problem you may be facing! 

It’s a great gift for any Trump supporter and is sure to bring some fun to life’s decisions.[Buy here]
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