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Additional survival tricks

By Neville Hodgkinson |The Conservative Woman| June 7, 2021

I’LL LEAD you into this article gently, since I’m sure many readers will have had the Covid jab, persuaded by the unremitting propaganda from the NHS and most media sources that it is safe and effective.

The reality as the science of it unravels is that for some it is neither.

I had stronglyhopedthat it really would be an answer to Covid-19. Despite high levels of immediate reactivity (four out of five in the Pfizer vaccine trial report had mild to moderate side-effects), the manufacturers’ argument that this was a sign of a healthy immune response seemed logical.

We now know differently.

The healthiest response to the virus is for the body to developnatural immunity, which fortunately is what most people do, either with only mild symptoms or no illness at all.

As thousands…

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