Did the Nazis plan to exterminate Baltic people ? Yes!

Stephen Tempest
·August 6, 2017

MA in Modern History, University of Oxford (Graduated 1985)

Did the Nazis plan to exterminate Baltic people (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)?

Yes. Generalplan Ost called for the extermination or deportation to Siberia of 50% of Estonians and Latvians, and 85% of Lithuanians. This was to be carried out over a 20–25 year timescale, with the land made vacant being resettled by Germans.

The lower percentage of the two northern Baltic States scheduled for removal was because it was believed the people contained a comparatively higher proportion of pure Aryan blood than Lithuanians did, and these people could thus be ‘Germanised’ — taught to speak German compulsorily and losing their Estonian or Latvian identities over the course of a generation.

Generalplan Ost (‘General Plan East’) was drawn up by the SS under the personal direction of Himmler. Work on the plan begin in 1940, and the final version was approved in October 1942.

A complete copy of the plan has not survived (Himmler ordered it to be destroyed once it was obvious Germany was losing the war), but enough extracts, summaries and policy reviews remained in the archives for it to be reconstructed in some detail. Here’s a link to the most complete surviving copy of the plan (in German):

Generalplan Ost, Juni 1942

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