Why has Iran refrained from directly attacking Israel all these years?

Originally Answered: Why doesn’t Iran attack Israel after all this?

Because, as one of my coaches once said, “An empty barrel makes the most noise”.

The only way the Iranian Ayatollahs would even consider attacking Israel would be if they were sure they could deliver a knockout blow without triggering the Samson Option – a retaliatory strike by Israel, possibly even posthumously by submarines with nuclear armed missiles carrying nuclear warheads. That means they need multiple nukes of their own, and be reasonably sure that Israel’s triple-tiered anti-missile system won’t stop enough of them to make Israel uninhabitable.

With Israel in such a state, world opinion won’t matter to the dead Israelis.

In other words, even with nukes of their own, the Iranian Ayatollahs aren’t suicidal. An attack on Israel by Iran won’t happen until the Ayatollahs are reasonably sure they can avoid the “MAD equation” (mutually assured destruction).

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