Peru: Forces mobilize after Castillo’s narrow populist left VICTORY

Interesting another Latin state attempts Marxism

The Free

Great news for the people!.. if promises of free health, education and social security really happen, if the police and army aren’t lined up on the side of the ruling class criminals, and if the marxist Castillo doesn’t sell out immediately, or hasn’t altready!

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Castillo’s victory a political earthquake

Pedro Castillo’s victory in the Peruvian presidential elections is a great political earthquake, reflecting the enormous social and political polarization in the Andean country. The ruling class has suffered a massive defeat on the part of the masses, at the hand of the militant teacher unionist at the head of a party, Peru Libre, which describes itself as Marxist, Leninist and Mariateguist.

By Jorge Martín | 06/10/2021

The recount was a slow and painful process, and the decisive outcome was not clear until the end, three days after the polls closed on June 6. At the time of writing, with 99.795…

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