Google pulls A comprehensive list of the ever expanding post covid-19 experimental injection deaths

This post is like a High court case (with a thousand plus witnesses) for a prosecution of “big Pharma” and justice for all the victims (ok which there are many).It goes to show we (the common people) should NOT trust the Government or our media……the game changed some years back,they started researching odd things (without accountability) on taxpayers money,then they declared war against their own and other people. Disband the 1% force them to do hard labour to pay for their limitless satanic inspired crimes!

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

UPDATE: apologies Google does not want you to see any of the damage incurred by Bill Gates approved / driven jab called cv 19. Here is their notice of violation of terms etc. You can see how they really care can’t you? They would like for you to not read the evidence & of course if you are injured the companies have been excused from liability. If they are so safe then why would they do this? Please use your grey matter & figure this out before offering your children for the jab … they are next as you will see from the other posts today. See below for another list in the meanwhile from contendingfortruth website. (further update: I have now located the original file and will share soon it is a very large file … HERE IT IS). EWR

Shocking reading really. Here & there separate fatalities…

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