NATO Has Been Called Greatest Threat to World Peace: Now Biden Plans Dangerous Expansion That Will Increase Military Spending and Escalate the Risk of War

The suits with their stupid negative mindset busy deliberately endangering world peace,there is no good natured balance left in international relations only kamikaze illuminati place men bring disaster

Biden calls support for NATO a “sacred obligation” as he raises false alarms about alleged military threats from Russia and China

By Jeremy Kuzmarov

Global Research, June 18, 2021CovertAction Magazine 17 June 2021

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Antagonizes Russia further at Geneva summit by calling out its supposedly terrible human rights record—when the U.S. has run secret torture prisons

From the moment he was elected to the U.S. Senate,Joe Bidenwas groomed for high office by his mentor,Averell Harriman, a fabulously wealthy investment banker, governor of New York, coordinator of the Marshall Plan, and one of the originalU.S. representatives to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) after its formation in 1949.


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