Sainsbury’s confirms it is permanently removing iconic 90s and 00s products

Sainsbury’s confirms it is permanently removing iconic 90s and 00s products from shelves

Shoppers are bitterly disappointedSHARE

  • 13:55, 13 JUL 2021

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Sainsbury's confirms it is permanently removing iconic 90s and 00s products from shelves
Sainsbury’s confirms it is permanently removing iconic 90s and 00s products from shelves(Image: Mirror)

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Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has left shoppers bitterly disappointed after confirming it will be permanently removing some items from shelves for good.

The retailer has said it will stop selling CDs and DVDs due to a decline in demand.

There’s good news for vinyl lovers, though, as these will continue to be sold.

The move to stop selling the forms of entertainment comes amid a complex and tough landscape.

However, shoppers aren’t happy about the move, and some have been left furious, according to Birmingham Live.

One vented: “I’m a big fan of physical media and always will be. When a new album that I want comes out I’ll buy the CD. When the latest movie is released I’ll get the Blu Ray. It’s a shame the world seems to be moving away from it.”

“Damn shame,” said a second.

Another wrote: “Supermarkets were never good places to buy films or music. Decline in physical media or not.”

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s explained: “Our customers increasingly go online for entertainment, so earlier this year we took the decision to gradually phase out the sale of DVDs and CDs, so that we can dedicate extra space to food and popular products like clothing and homewares.”

A spokesperson for the British Phonographic Industry said: “The CD has proved exceptionally successful for nearly 40 years and remains a format of choice for many music fans who value sound quality, convenience and collectability.

“Although demand has been following a long-term trend as consumers increasingly transition to streaming, resilient demand is likely to continue for many years, enhanced by special editions and other collectible releases.

“If some retailers now see the format as less of a priority, this will create a further opportunity for others, such as independent shops and specialist chains such as HMV, to cater to the continuing demand.”


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