What Happened to TWA Flight 800?

  Inside History What Happened to TWA Flight 800?Speculation fueled theories that a terrorist act caused the crash that killed 230 people on July 17, 1986, but an investigation later concluded it was a tragic mechanical error.Read More Why the Nile River Was So Important to Ancient EgyptFrom nourishing agricultural soil to serving as a transportation route, the Nile was vital to ancient Egypt’s civilization.Read More Who Invented TV?Multiple inventors deserve credit for the technology, which had its origins in the 19th century.Read More The Hunt for HieroglyphsHISTORY This Week PodcastJuly 1799: In the town of Rashid, the Rosetta Stone, a rock inscribed with different sets of writing, is discovered. How did scholars manage to decode a language that no one in the world spoke?Listen Now Video of the Week Preview: The Machines That Built AmericaSeries premiere Sunday, July 18 at 9/8c on The HISTORY® ChannelTV. Radio. Phones. Airplanes. Motorcycles. Tractors. Home Appliances. Power Tools. These are “The Machines That Built America.” This new docuseries reveals the surprising stories and rivalries behind the ground-breaking innovations that turned America into a superpower. Watch a preview above.    TIMEThe Forgotten Woman Who Helped Save Countless Birds by Challenging the Fashion for Feathers THE ATLANTICA Surprising Factor Influenced How the Framers Voted THE WASHINGTON POST MAGAZINEThe Endless Robbing of Native American GravesFollow The HISTORY ChannelUpdate Preferences  |  Subscribe  |  Contact Us

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