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The White House Is Attacking Us

5 hours ago

President Joe Biden and his administration are attacking us. And they’re not even being secretive about it. 

Rather than trying to subvert our truth-seeking journalism surreptitiously, the Biden White House is announcing their attacks as if it’s a point of pride. In fact, the White House is so proud of its anti-conservative offensive that Joe Biden’s communications director Kate Bedingfield went on MSNBC this week to directly identify their target. 

“There are conservative news outlets who are creating irresponsible content that’s sharing misinformation about the virus,” she said.

Bedingfield didn’t say that conservative news outlets were lying or publishing falsehoods because we aren’t. Instead, she said our content is “irresponsible” because we dare to point out the contradictions, obfuscation, and misdirection presented by Dr. Fauci and other “experts” who expect Americans to follow them blindly and without question. 

To the Biden White House, questioning their party line and reporting the whole story in order to let our readers make up their own minds is irresponsible.

It’s a stunning admission, but one that is sadly unsurprising given the radical Left’s modus operandi: Rather than engaging in a free and open exchange of ideas, they demonize and silence those with whom they disagree to create echo chambers in which only the information they approve is consumed.

Like most things for the Left, it’s all about power. To maintain it, they must control the flow of information to ensure no inconvenient truths sneak out. And not only has Biden’s press team announced who it’s going after, it’s also tipped its hand and shared one way it’ll attack conservative journalism to ensure its version of the truth is the only one Americans read and watch. 

Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki explained — from the White House podium — how their attack on conservative media and journalism like Townhall’s, is going down. “We’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation,” Psaki brazenly explained.

Again, Psaki didn’t say false posts, she said problematic posts. Townhall’s conservative journalism is problematic — and proudly so — to Psaki and the Biden administration in their attempts to make the truth what they want it to be.

The endgame of the White House’s collusion with big tech in order to wage their war against conservative media isn’t one that requires imagination to picture the eventual conclusion. We’ve seen it before when Facebook and Twitter blocked coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell. 

The story, by Facebook’s own admission, hadn’t been fact-checked, but they shut it down anyway because it was, to borrow the new terms from White House officials, irresponsible and problematic to the Biden campaign. 

Powerful Democrats can’t trust the American people to listen to all sides and make up their own minds because too many would reject the Left’s ideas. It’s as simple as that. And the White House’s desperation couldn’t be more obvious. That’s why we need to fight back

Whether it’s the Wuhan coronavirus, mask mandates, leftist riots, or the border crisis, Townhall’s reporting gives the full story, not the Biden- or Democrat-approved version of the story. That’s why our conservative journalism is problematic. And that’s why, especially when under direct attack from Joe Biden and his administration, your support to allow our work to continue is so important. 
We don’t have the lapdog reporters in the White House press corps to clarify or clean up anything, we don’t have the mainstream media to give us air cover, and we don’t have big tech to silence our critics. 

What we do have is something better: The support of real Americans who know they can handle the truth and think critically about what’s happening in the country we love.

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Kazan- Kazan National Research Technical University Казанский национальный исследовательский технический университет имени А. Н. Туполева he graduated in Economics in 1982

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