Her ‘Majesty’ Gov in new row as ministers fear farts may spread Covid

Ministers ‘fear coronavirus could be spread by farting in a confined space’

Ministers have privately pointed to evidence that suggests Covid-19 could be spread when an infected person breaks wind in a confined space, such as a toilet….

That bloated lying buffoon that goes by the name Boris is now rumoured to be wanting to set test centres in lavatories and if it comes up positive ,well too bad for your bowels, breakfast Britain means business! A manned control point will be implemented across the Fartdom to check passports before you toilet.

Tests have revealed that the virus can be present in faecal matter, though the science on whether flatulence could spread Covid is not definitive.

One minister, who wasn’t named, told the Telegraph that they had read “credible-looking stuff on it” from other countries, and there had been evidence of a “genomical-linked tracing connection between two individuals from a [lavatory] cubicle in Australia

well-documented cases of diseases spreading through waste pipes during lockdowns in Hong Kong when the U-bend had dried out”.

UK Government scientists have not yet produced the paper on the toilet topic.

A volunteer completed her training before being rushed to the Royal toilet service
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