False claim persists online that Trump will be reinstated as president in August

“After three months, an audit of Arizona’s 2020 election results has surfaced no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Former President Donald Trump and his supporters say otherwise. Since the audit began in late April, misinformation about its findings has spread on social media. Trump and his allies have falsely claimed an entire election database was deleted, that more than 70,000 mail-in ballots counted in Maricopa County – home of Phoenix – were never sent, and that the audit found 250,000 fraudulent ballots. Now the number has ticked up to 275,000. “Already the Arizona Audit has found 275,000 potential fraudulent ballots – in just ONE county!” reads the caption of a July 26 video with more than 4,600 likes on Instagram. Fact check: False claim persists online that Trump will be reinstated as president in August The video shows Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington speaking with host Bret Baier on Fox News. During the clip, which Harrington tweeted July 26, she spells out how she arrived at 275,000.” https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2021/07/29/fact-check-arizona-audit-has-not-found-275-000-fraudulent-votes/5391659001/#:~:text=After%20three%20months,arrived%20at%C2%A0275%2C000.

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