very early in the morning on the `4th of October in Belem Brazil. 48-year-old farmworker Benidito saw a bright blue light…..

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The Most Violent Extraterrestrial Incident Ever Documented…

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It is known as one of the most violent cases involving extraterrestrials ever to be documented. UFOs appeared in the skies above a small Brazilian city and discharged lights that caused injuries to many men, women and children. It is a rare case that culminated in at least two deaths and the alleged suicide of the Commander of the Brazilian Airforce.

And yet strangely, little is known about the Colares UFO flap outside of Brazil.

On the northeastern coast of Brazil lies the second largest of the Brazilian States – Para. Here the island city of Colares is separated from the mainland because of its location in the Amazon River delta as it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. During the late 1970s, at the time of the events in question, there were approximately 2,000 residents living there. Colares relied heavily on the simple professions of fishing and farming. This makes the occurrences seem all the more credible. There had been reports of strange incidents before, but most of the sightings began in August of 1977.

Abel Trindade was at home on the 14th of September 1977. It was 9.30pm and he was listening to the radio when he saw a blue light coming through the ceiling. He became paralyzed and unable to scream for help. After the incident, he suffered from a sore throat and headache for several days.

It was very early in the morning on the `4th of October in Belem Brazil. 48-year-old farmworker Benidito saw a bright blue light. It was hovering just above a treetop. It stayed there for a few seconds before slowly moving away. It made no noise and although Bendito was afraid he was unharmed.

Unlike another 40-year-old farm worker Manoel dos Santos just three weeks later. He was in bed when suddenly the interior of his house was lit up by a bright light that came through the roof. Manoel tried to get out of bed but he was paralyzed and unable to scream for help. After several minutes he could eventually stand up, but the left side of his body was both sore and numb for over a week. In the days that followed he would see many lights on the horizon very low in the sky, they would slow down, speed up and suddenly disappear.


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