Seems like simple gate repairs are too complex now for South Africa

After months of complaints, Prasa arrived in the Berg on Tuesday and began work on the railway gate that has been locked.

Lester Kiewit and CapeTalk Digital Editor Barbara Friedman discuss stories making waves on social media, and one local story is the long-awaited arrival of Prasa workers to fix the railway crossing gate that has been locked for months.

  • On Tuesday Muizenberg locals were amazed to see the arrival of a score of Prasa workers seemingly intent on fixing the pedestrian railway gate
  • Residents and business owners in the area have been complaining for months that the locked gate has impacted the flow of people from upper Muizenberg to the popular Surfer’s Corner.
  • Prasa had responded that the gate locks had been vandalised so many times repairs were unsustainable, but had noted they were looking at solutions
Image: Clive Maasch

Stop the presses wrote Muizenberg Facebook users yesterday. ‘How many Prasa okes does it take to fix a gate?’

One Facebook user counted 9 people involved in the operation but others suggested seeing as many as 14.

‘Just cycled past……Only 12 guys needed to repair a gate motor……..amazing!!!’ wrote Michael on the Muizenberg Notice Board Facebook page. ‘I counted 15 including the supervisor’ said Tev.

Meanwhile, all eyes in the Berg are on the 24/7 surfcam hosted by The Corner Surf Shop as residents and locals watch and wait to see what progress will be made.

The background…

In May this year CapeTalk caller Clive phoned in to say the gate is chained and people are climbing the fence and crossing the tracks which is very dangerous.

Local businesses joined the cry saying the locked pedestrian crossing was impeding foot traffic between upper Muizenberg and Surfer’s Corner and impacting trade.

Metrorail’s Riana Scott was then called and she said the gate mechanism that opens and closes the gate is vandalised so frequently that the continual repairs have just become unsustainable.

Meanwhile, one anonymous ‘good samaritan’ took an angle grinder to the adjacent fence and opened a path for users to circumvent the locked gate.

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