Tormented man shoots Mother and young girl in England

Girl, 16, says she reported Plymouth gunman for harassment days before killings

A 16-year-old girl claims she reported a conversation she had with an account believed to be Davison’s to site Reddit – the account has since been suspended but posts are still available showing it talking about women and the incel community 0% Click for SoundGunman killed five including ‘very young girl’ before shooting himself

BySophie Corcoran

  • 14:24, 14 Aug 2021
  • UPDATED16:29, 14 Aug 2021

A teenage girl has claimed that she reported Plymouth gunman Jake Davison for online harassment less than a week before he carried out the mass shooting.

The 16-year-old says she was repeatedly asked for sex by Davison just six days before he shot and killed five people including his mother and a three-year-old girl.

In a comment responding to one girl describing herself as a 16-year-old living in the US, Reddit user Jake3572 – believed to be Davison – wrote: “[A]m I not entitled to my big t**** 16 18 year old GF??

“I don’t pursue girls that age. But for example if I were to walk into my room and find a 16 year old spread wide on my bed yeah i would have sex with her.”

She responded: “No not at all you commented on my post [in a subreddit] incel tear.”

Davison had posted YouTube videos branding himself a 'terminator' and 'virgin'

Davison had posted YouTube videos branding himself a ‘terminator’ and ‘virgin’ ( Image:Jake Davison / YouTube SWNS)

American men’s magazine Mel reports that the Jake3572 account then replied saying that sex with a 16-year-old is not rape because “In the UK it’s legal.”

The teenage girl told Mel that the person behind the Jake3572 account asked her “multiple times” if she would date him, travel to see him, have sex with him if she was of age.

She replied to him: “[J]ake if youre reading this, sorry lol. please dont message underage girls again. Youre setting yourself up to do and say some pedophilic sh** and its not gonna be good for you.”OMAZEOmaze Million Pound House DrawTAONGA: THE ISLAND FARMThe Most Relaxing Farm Game Of 2021. No Installby TaboolaSponsored Links

A post made by the Reddit account

A post made by the Reddit account

Six days ago, she posted the recording of her conversation with Jake3572 to the subreddit r/IncelTear, where she said she reported him to the moderators who banned him from the subreddit “and reported him to reddit admins.”

The account named Jake3572 has since been suspended but posts made by the account are still available and show it making comments about weapons, the incel community and women being unable to “sympathise and understand men’s plights, issues and problems in society.”

It was revealed on Friday that Davison had his gun licence revoked amid an assault claim but it was later returned.

Maxine Davison, his mother, was his first victim

Maxine Davison, his mother, was his first victim ( Image: Facebook)

An incel is the abbreviation used online for “involuntarily celibate.” Incel forums are often underlined by discussions of resentment and hatred towards the human species and, in particular, women. YouTube videos showing Davison discussing the community and calling himself a “terminator” and “virgin” have also surfaced.

Discussion site Reddit is often host to conversations and forums frequented by incels.

Jake3572 also made comments in private Incel community forums and answered a question asking “what do incels think of their mother?” with “Can’t stand her.”

Lee and his daughter Sophie were killed in the horrifying shooting

Lee and his daughter Sophie were killed in the horrifying shooting ( Image: Facebook)

In one public post, the account wrote: “Same with Europe and the UK people like to say strict gun laws are why it doesn’t happen but people forget the UK never had a gun culture when gun laws were akin to texas in the early 1900s and 1800s gun crime was extremely rare despite in 1900 you could go and buy a belt fed maxim gun if you had the money in the UK its not strict laws the UK never had gun crime to begin with. Plus there are lot more guns in Europe and the UK than people think.”

In a post written three months before the shooting, the account talks about wanting to leave the incel community.

The post, titled: “Reading up on blackpill redpill and feminists complaining about men makes me feel its impossible to even get a GF.”

Tributes have been left at the scene

Tributes have been left at the scene ( Image: AFP via Getty Images)

The blackpill ideology refers to a set of beliefs held among the incel community that labels women shallow and cruel people who will only choose the most attractive men if given the choice. The ideology also subscribes to the idea that success with the opposite sex is determined at birth.

The post reads: “Reading up on all this c*** hasn’t added anything to my life I can’t wait until I finally start my driving lessons get a car lockdown ends start socialising more and then I forget about all this s**** all reading up about this stuff has just made me more frustrated miserable and negative I want to be in a position in life where I can cut out all social media and BS c*** and just focus on my hobbies and things I enjoy in life.”

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