Vienna goes to vaccine discrimination mode,no jab no food

How Vienna wants to restrict restaurants and events to vaccinated people onlyInboxDDaniel at The Localto Konstantin
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 19 AUGUST, 2021View in Browser
 Good afternoon, Authorities in Vienna have put forward one of Europe’s strictest set of rules for entering restaurants, bars, events and nightlife venues. Under the change – which will be voted on next week – only those who have been vaccinated will be allowed to enter, with recovered people or those who have tested negative also restricted from entry. Here’s what you need to know about the plan – and whether it will be adopted federally. Even without the strict rules being considered in Vienna, Austria’s ‘green pass’ app is essential for entry across Austria. After an update, the pass is now available in English, to the benefit of foreigners in Austria and Austrians travelling abroad. After several years of waiting, Austria’s 1-2-3 Ticket nationwide unlimited rail pass – now renamed the Klimaticket (climate ticket) – will be available from October, although some states in the east of the country have yet to sign up.The cost of living in Vienna is set to increase next year, with the regular payment for garbage, sewage and water on the rise. Here’s how much it’ll add to your family’s monthly bill. Vienna is the capital of Austria with a large international population and a burgeoning job market. Here’s what you need to know about finding work in Vienna.Unlike in most of Europe, wolf populations are falling in Austria, with wolves disappearing across the country. We broke down the controversy around Austria’s most misunderstood animal

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