Err..I’m wondering what a resolute character like this does with the used toilet paper,maybe some sort of sh*t soup? Still she can always come here and meet people like her in England’s conservative party,as they think you shouldn’t buy clothes,toilet rolls etc for that is luxury,and therefore not for us


‘I’m so obsessed with saving money – I eat from bins and don’t use toilet roll’

An accountant who hates forking out cash has opened up on the extreme lengths she goes to in order to save money including making a mattress out of yoga mats and not buying toilet paper;desc_url:;oid:24812600;token:undefined;videoTitle:VExDIFVLOiBXb21hbiBkb2Vzbid0IHVzZSB0b2lsZXQgcGFwZXIgdG8gc2F2ZSBtb25leQ==;safetyMeta:4;tags:save-money,umm-what&service=ampVideo&region=nationals&publication=mirror&ga=UA-110513849-1#amp=1

  • By Verity Sulway
  • 13:57, 22 Aug 2021UPDATED14:02, 22 Aug 2021

A woman has revealed the baffling lengths she goes to in order to save the pennies – including no toilet paper, laundry, or bed.

Kate Hashimoto admits that she hates spending money and has not purchased new underwear since 1998.

She lives in New York, one of the most expensive cities in the world, but manages to spend just $200 (£146) a month on living expenses.

To put that into perspective, the average cost of living in the city before rent is $1,341 (£984).

Accountant Kate starred on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, where she explained the weird and wonderful ways she saves cash.

Kate, an accountant who lives in New York, hates spending money(TLC)

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“I have lived in New York for three years, although it’s the most expensive city to live in I have found ways to get around it,” she said.

“If I have to spend money, I try and avoid it, I will try and pay as little as possible.”

When she washes her hands in public bathrooms and dries them with hand towels, she keeps the hand towels and reuses them.

She has never paid money for furniture and instead sources it from skips and off the street.

Her bed is made up of old yoga mats that she has piled up to make a mattress, and she uses magazines as a dining table.

Kate sleeps on yoga mats instead of a bed, and has found her furniture in rubbish tips(TLC)

In addition to subscribing to mailing lists, Kate keeps an eye out for promotional items and freebies at events, enabling her to stockpile various toiletries.

Kate avoids cooking so as not to waste money on electricity and gas, using her dishwasher and oven as storage space in her apartment instead.

She also avoids spending money on food, with the self-described “cheapskate” sifting through rubbish outside of eateries and supermarkets to salvage “sanitary” food she can eat – often including pre-packaged gourmet and organic products.

Kate also refuses to eat in restaurants with her friends unless they pay for her food.

Kate does not use toilet paper, and keeps used paper towels from public toilets(TLC)

“I haven’t bought any clothes in eight years” she revealed. “The last time I bought underwear was 1998.”

Kate washes the clothes she does have in the shower, instead of doing laundry.

In fact, she has not done laundry in three years, and she never buys toiletries.

“I’m a big fan of free samples. Maybe I’m an extreme sampler,” she revealed.

Perhaps the most mind-boggling money-saving trick Kate uses is her no toilet roll rule.

“I don’t use toilet paper, I just use water and soap to wash myself off,” she explained.

Do you have any unusual ways of saving pennies? Let us know in the comments below.



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